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One of the things on my Back to School To Do List was our “Pick an Apple” Wish List. The idea: write supplies you wish for on apples and put them on a bulletin board. Parents who want to donate extra supplies can choose an apple, take it with them, & send the item to school. Most teachers know about this idea already, but I thought I’d post what’s on my wish list.

The clipart used here comes from DJ Inkers. I also attach a picture of the item I want if I think it may be necessary. I’ve learned to be extremely specific about what I want. Even though I ask for paper plates, I almost always end up with anything but paper plates (styrofoam, plastic, wax coated, you name it).

What I ask for on the Wish List …
(I don’t ask for all of these every year– these are things I have asked for over the years):

  • Batteries: AA size
  • Ziplocks (specify: sandwich, gallon, snack size)
  • Cotton balls (specify: white or colored)
  • Color printer ink cartridges
  • Card stock paper (white)
  • Colored pencils
  • Disposable bowls for science experiments & cooking activities
  • Clear disposable punch cups (for science & cooking)
  • Glitter glue
  • White paper plates (large & small)
  • Colored sand
  • Food color
  • Clorox or Lysol wipes
  • Lysol spray
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • Band-aids (character prints for boys & girls)
  • Old magazines (esp. with pictures of animals)
  • Hefty Zoo Pals paper plates
  • Paper lunch bags (specify: white or brown)
  • Index cards
  • Pastel colored copy paper
  • Craft pom poms
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Play Dough
  • Crayola Model Magic (I specify the exact amount, where to find it, cost, & attach a photo)
  • Q-tips
  • Poster board (white)
  • Tissue paper (assorted colors)
  • Unwanted baskets or wooden bowls
  • Lego Mosaic set (I asked for this year for fine motor skills)
  • Set of used or new dominoes with dots (I asked for this year for a math activity)
  • Crayola Color Dots water coloring tablets (for sensory table)

Tell me in the comments below: What’s on your wish list?


  1. Crystal says

    What will you be using your dominos with the dots for? I stumbled onto these the other day and couldn’t think of a good use for them.

    • Ladybug Academy says

      I’ve used dominoes for a few things. First off, all kids will make a snake and knock it down. I put them in my block area and have them make walls, pathways, stairs, etc. For math purposes I have them match, end to end, same numbers, kind of like real dominoes. My kids have also used them as cell phones in the dramatic play area.

      • RRing says

        I use Dominoes with colored dots. My fav pizza place uses plain white boxes for small pizzas. I cut with a razor blade spaces large enough for them to fit through. I then outline the opening and draw the correct colored circles to match each domino number above each opening. The kids can add dots or just match where they will put them in, or just put them in. I have never told the kids how to do it and they figure out many ways on their own. They really like it. It is very easy to empty the box again too.

  2. Jennifer says

    I totally LOVE your website!!! I’ve been a Pre-K teacher for over 7 years. Just recently however, a stay-at-home-mom for the last 3 or 4 years. I’ve decided to go back to teaching now that my babies are in school. Your site has helped me get back into the Pre-K frame of mind!! Thanks for posting all that you have. My beginning of the school year is strong because of your help!! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to post and keep up this so very useful website for teachers and moms.

  3. Alexa says

    I am soooo in love with this entire website. It is so comprehensive and well written…meaning I don’t have to wonder what you are talking about when describing an activity. I truly appreciate you taking the time to post all of these great resources and ideas..for they ecnourage me to be more creative with my own Pre-K children. When I stumble upon websites of this nature, I can distinctly remember (it’s hard some days) why I chose Pre-K! Thanks A Bunch! I will surely pas your website along to other Pre-K teachers who wish to make their classrooms great ones!

  4. Tiffany says

    This is such a WONDERFUL idea! I too just love your site! It is on my favorites for easy access!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Judy says

    WOW!!! what an awesome website!! I have been a daycare teacher for 13 years and this is the best site I’ve been too!!! you rock!!!

  6. natasha says

    i love your website. im teaching for 20 years but in grades 1 to 3. for the past two years im teaching 4 year old.your ideas are fresh and easy to apply in my class. i am crazy about the art and science concepts. i cant wait to get into my class to apply all these fantastic ideas.

  7. Susie says

    Awesome website! I just came upon it looking for an idea for a wish list display.
    I look forward to using it more.
    Thank you:)

  8. Sarah says

    I recently opened a preschool. You have been an inspiration for my program. Thank you for openly sharing your wonderful ideas and resources. I am a better teacher thanks to your help!

  9. says

    Similar to your idea, I use what I call ‘Helping Hands’. I write the wish-list items on pre-cut handprints (available at craft stores or you can make die-cuts) then tape them on the hallway-side of my classroom door frame. Parents simply pull off whichever labeled handprints they wish to donate. Placing them here serves 2 purposes: (1) They are highly visible to parents and (2) before I open the door for dismissal, parents waiting in the hallway have ample time to choose items before the craziness of dismissal.

  10. says

    Hi Karen:
    I love your website and your ideas. You are truly making my life so easy this year. I’ve been teaching Pre-K for six years now and even though it gets easier each year, there is always a great idea that I can use. I have an awesome assistant this year, and she’ll be even more excited about this site than I am.
    Thank you.

  11. Lise says

    I usually ask for a package of baby wipes for quick hand & face cleaning, large paper shopping bags (in November to make vests & tepees), empty egg cartons & cardboard tubes (from paper towels & gift wrap)… There is one “wish list” item that gets a separate note home — just before Christmas break I’ve begun asking for parents to bring empty boxes when the kids come back in January. I replace my block & lego bins with the boxes and we have box play for a month. I got the idea from an internet article and by requesting them right before the holidays I get a great variety of big boxes. It’s great to watch the kids get creative with them; each year they come up with a new idea (though I had to squash the idea of bunk boxes — they weren’t sturdy enough to support the kids’ weight)

  12. says

    The dominoes are for a “Domino Sorting” activity that I got from the book “Math at Their Own Pace” by Greg Nelson (excellent book, btw). You make something like a graph on poster board with columns for each number (numeral written at the bottom of each column). The children count the dots on the dominoes and place them in the correct column.

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