Winter Word Cards

Word cards for word walls or picture dictionaries have been the most popular request for this website. Here is the first set of printable word cards. These are winter-themed, but there will be many more card sets to come.

To download the word cards click the buttons below:

Pocket Chart Size Small Size Blank Cards

These can be used on a word wall, in a pocket chart, or in a picture dictionary. To make a picture dictionary, cut out the cards, punch a hole in each one on the left side, and hook them together with a metal binder ring. The word rings can be hung on a hook (for example, the Scotch 3M removable hooks).

Update: More Word Cards have been added to the site! See the Word Cards page.

Letter Tile Cards

I also have these cards available as Winter Letter Tile Cards which are available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click the image below to take a look…

Winter Letter Tiles


    • says

      Susan: All of the Winter words are in the PDF file at the link on this post. Were there words you would like for me to add to the file? If so, just let me know.

  1. Marybeth says

    Hi Karen,
    How about adding rain, raincoat, umbrella? I know that these might also be spring words, but in California, we get a lot of rain – mostly in the winter and so our kids associate this weather with winter. Thanks for anything you can do. I’m appreciative of what you’ve shared.

    • says

      Hi Marybeth,
      Thanks for the suggestion. I will eventually make a set of weather cards & those will be in that set. It will take me some time to makes sets of cards for every theme, but I’ll put weather near the top of the list.

  2. Denise says

    Thanks so much for sharing your games and ideas. I especially like the grid games and science ideas. Do you have anything for Pancake Day?

    Also was wondering about President’s Day? I work in a kindergarten class in NC. Do you take donations for sharing your ideas?


    • says

      Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site! I’m sorry I don’t have anything for pancake day. As far as President’s Day goes, the only thing I have is a unit I wrote for Itty Bitty Bookworm. It is available for purchase on their site (I won’t receive any $ as I was already paid for writing it).

      I appreciate the thought, but it isn’t necessary to donate. If you ever order anything from, I would appreciate it if you’d use the Amazon button on this page. I will receive a portion of the sale, but you will also receive your item without paying any extra. Thanks!

  3. Lynn says

    Love the winter cards, can you add snow boots and snowpants and did I see skis? Weather words would be great! Spring words: rain, puddle, umbrella, worm, bud, mud, rain jacket, boots, seed, butterfly, flower….etc
    Thanks so very much!

  4. Pam Maxey says

    I am so thankful for these word cards. I would love for these same cards to be available in Spanish. I make my word cards with Spanish on one side and English on the other (Spanish in blue). Would it be possible to have them in Spanish or the possibility of being able to print the Spanish inside the box?

    I also would like boots, snowpants, shovel and ice or icicle. Thanks!

  5. Lori says

    Thank you SOO much for sharing these fabulous winter word/picture cards. The pictures you used are fantastic and I love the font you typed the words in. I can’t wait to see more cards for the other seasons!!!

  6. Stacey says


    I teach a classroom full of two year olds. Are many of these activities geared as such. I was looking over the winter theme and I feel that my children would enjoy the sorting pages, not sure how well they will do with matching just yet, maybe different levels in each child. I know that they are beginning to love circle time and reading and some have longer attention spans than others. What would you suggest as an afternoon curriculum for twos. They already do alphabet in the morning and a craft at least once a week. When I come on at 2 we have snack, activity, gym, and then we are in the room till 5:30. I think our main problem is our toys bore them after a while but they can sit and do Mr. Potato Head for thirty minutes, or they like it when we get out cars and little people, and kitchen and dishes. Thanks for your help.

  7. Jessica says

    First year teaching Kindergarten – I LOVE THIS SITE. The picture word cards are FANTASTIC!

    THANK YOU! ~ Jessica

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