Weather Theme

Pre-K & Preschool theme ideas for learning about the weather


Check here for a complete list of Books about Weather!


Nursery rhymes that go well with a Weather Theme:

  • Rain, Rain, Go Away
  • Whether the Weather

Look for printable poster of Rain, Rain, Go Away on the Nursery Rhyme Page.

rain rain go away

Whether the Weather

Whether the weather is fine
Or whether the weather is not.
Whether the weather is cold
Or whether the weather is hot.
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.



Weather Cards

Weather Cards

Four Seasons

Season Cards

Grid Games

Look for the Umbrella Grid Game on the Grid Games page for math.

Song Book

Mr. Sun Song Book


Mr. Sun PowerPoint

PowerPoint and printable book for the Raffi song, Mr. Sun.

Weather Bingo

Look for the Umbrella Bingo game on the Bingo printables page.


Look for the Weather Cards on the Picture Cards for Themes page.

Rainy and Stormy Weather Activities

Little Wiggle Worm Fingerplay

The little wiggle worm
(wiggle pipe cleaner worm)
Went crawling underground.
(wiggle worm under hand)
Down came the rain;
(wiggle fingers downward)
Soon mud was all around.
(make a disgusted face; open arms wide)
Rain filled the tunnels
(open hand; move fingers together)
And pushed the little worm.
(push worm through the other hand)
So the puddles on the ground
(make an O with hand)
Were the only place to squirm.
(wiggle worm into O)

Rain Dance

[Large Group]
Children rub their fingers together to make a mist, rub their hands together to make a drizzle, pat knees to make a downpour, stomp the floor to make thunder. Then reverse the movements for the rain to stop.

Pre-K Weather Theme


We use markers to draw colored arcs on half of a coffee filter, paint over the filter with the water, and watch the colors blend together.

Pre-K Weather Theme

Raindrop Counting

We use blue felt for our math mats and clear flat floral marbles for the raindrop counters. The children listen for thunderclaps (the teacher clapping hands a certain amount of times), and place that amount of raindrops on the mat. For example, four claps mean to count four raindrops onto the cloud.

Prism Rainbows

Children explore prisms to see how light gives us rainbows. The children draw a picture of what they see in the prism. (Children are exploring properties of light.)

Mud Pies

We mix two packages of instant chocolate pudding. The children help add the “dirt” (pudding mix) and “rain” (milk) to make “mud.” To make this part extra fun, I punch holes in a styrofoam bowl and when the children pour the milk into the bowl it drips like rain into the mixing bowl. The children help mix the mud with a spoon. I give each child two Oreos in a ziplock bag to crush to make some extra dirt. Each child places a gummi worm in a cup, adds the pudding “mud” and the crushed “dirt”.

Rain Prop Box

[Dramatic Play Center]
Raincoats, Rain boots, Umbrellas, Rain/thunder sounds CD

Windy Weather Activities

Pre-K Weather Theme


[Art, Science]
Children decorate white construction paper, and glue rainbow colored crepe streamers along the bottom. We bend the paper into a tube and staple it. Last, we punch two holes in the top and tie yarn to make a hanger.

Pre-K Weather Theme

What Can the Wind Move?

Read the blog post: What Can the Wind Move?

Cloudy Weather Activities

Pre-K Weather Theme

Cloud Art

After reading the book, It Looked Like Spilt Milk, we clipp cotton balls in clothespins, dip them in white paint, and use them to paint clouds onto blue paper. The children paint their clouds to resemble other shapes, such as a dog, castle, horse, etc. Each page saays: “It looked like ________.”

Sunny and Warm Weather Activities

Pre-K Weather Theme


Children fold paper fans and decorate them with crayons or markers.

Cold Weather Activities

See the Winter Ideas page for all of the cold weather activities.

More Activities

Story Retelling

This is an activity that goes with any theme. Choose a book that goes with the theme, and have the children retell the story.
Read the blog post here for details: story retelling

Pre-K Weather Theme

Science Center

Thunder sounds CD, Objects that can/cannot be moved by blowing, Wind chime, Pinwheel, Prisms, Tornado bottle

Packets Available on “Teachers Pay Teachers”



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