Ten Red Apples Flannel Board Set

Here is a new flannel board set I made for the book Ten Red Apples, by Pat Hutchins. This is a counting book that would go well with an Apple theme or a Farm theme.

10 Red Apples

To make these, I printed them on card stock paper, laminated and cut out, and added a Velcro tab to the back (the sticky side of the Velcro). These can be used on a flannel board. You could also put magnets on the back to use on a magnetic board or a large cookie sheet.

So far this makes four flannel board sets that I’ve made, and I’m planning to make more. I’ve created a resource page to include links to all of the flannel board sets here.

To download the Ten Red Apples set, just click the green button below.

Download: Ten Red Apples

You might also be interested in the Ten Red Apples play dough counting mats.

Get the book here:


  1. Therese says

    Hi Karen,

    With Fall around the corner, you are just in time. Thank you for the wonderful printables and awesome ideas!


  2. Deirdra Trawick Belton says

    I’m very new to your website. I find it to be very resourceful. Your website is such a big help to me and my staff. I am thrilled to be a member. Thank you for all of he fantastic ideas

  3. audrey says

    Hi Karen,

    I’m sorry but I’m having trouble downloading the Ten Red Apples flannelboard set. I click the link but nothing happens. Can you help?


  4. says

    Thank you I am nanny to one child and so many things I find are for a group of children this ten apples on top flannel board and counting game are perfect. Next week we are going over Johnny apple seed so this will work out really well with this topic plus we have been working on numbers and counting.

    Thank you again for all the fun stuff you send me.

  5. Maria acosta says

    Thank u for accept me as a subscriber, I’m a home day care provider and I love everything u have! Thank u again!

  6. Alison says

    Thank- you so much for the ten red apples. I can’t wait to use it. Thank you for being such a blessing to so many around the world!

  7. says

    I enjoyed the different ideas you have shared on this website. God bless you and I will be more than happy to make some of your game and take them back to the classroom here in Belize.

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