Scientist of the Day

Today’s post is written by Bren, a contributor to PreKinders.

Here’s a take-home activity that encourages learning and parent involvement. One of our “Preschool Jobs” is to take home a literacy bag.  The all-time favorite bag is the Science Discovery Bag.

Scientist of the Day

The scientist bag contains:

  • 2 books of simple science experiments
  • Safety goggles
  • Lab coat (a man’s short sleeved white shirt with “Scientist” written on the pocket)
  • Direction sheet

Working with a parent, the preschooler selects a science experiment.  They collect the materials needed and practice it at home.  The next day, they perform the experiment for their classmates.

After all of the children have had a turn, I make copies of the experiments so they can try all of them at home, if they wish.

Scientist of the Day

Sample parent note for the Science Discovery Bag:

Parent Note for Scientist of the Day

Books for simple science experiments:

The Kid’s Book of Simple Everyday Science, by Kelly Doudna

The Everything Kids’ Easy Science Experiments Book: Explore the world of science through quick and fun experiments!, by J. Elizabeth Mills

Science in Seconds for Kids: Over 100 Experiments You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less, by Jean Potter

Amazon links below for your convenience — just click the book covers. These are affiliate links. Thanks for your support!


  1. Rochelle Luttrell says

    This is a really great idea but I have a question. Do you have many low-income families at your school? How do you work with them on this project? Do you have them pick the experiment one day and then get them the needed items that they may not have at home to do in a few days? This would be one of the issues at my school as my district has a large number of low-income families.

    • Bren says

      Hi Rochelle,
      I do not have any low-income families in my preschool.
      If I did, I think I would put together a collection of simple experiments (the supplies are generally inexpensive and would fit in a ziplock bag). I would let the child pick the one they want to try (I would only give them 2-3 to choose from, so choosing isn’t too difficult). They could practice it at home with the parents and then show the class the next day.

  2. Maureen says

    I just got the supplies needed for this kit. The kids and parents in my K-1 class are very excited to start this next week. Thank you so much for such a wonderful activity!

  3. celina says

    I LOVE this idea and will DEFINITELY use it next school year.
    I think that I will change it to Scientist of the Week. The student will take the bag home on Monday, will have all week to gather the supplies and try the experiment at home. Will return the bag on Friday to demonstrate his experiment. This will work perfectly because my classroom jobs/helpers change on a weekly basis.

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