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I first made a Roll โ€˜nโ€™ Write game to go with my Transportation theme to hopefully spark an interest in writing practice, and it was a huge hit. Since then, I’ve made a few more of these and plan to add many more themes and holidays. This page will be updated with the links to all of the games I create.

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To prepare, print out the Roll โ€˜nโ€™ Write mat on card stock and either laminate or slip it into a page protector. Write letters on the sides of a wooden cube to make the dice. You can put dot stickers or masking tape squares on the cube so they can be removed, and put new letters on later.

To play, children roll the die and write the letter they rolled in the first square, using a dry erase marker or dry erase crayon. They continue rolling and writing until all of the squares are filled up. When they are done, they can count each letter and determine which have the most/least/same amount.


These are linked to the PDFs for you to print:


Cars Blackline


Farm Blackline


Weather Blackline


Ladybugs Blackline


Frogs Blackline


Monster Blackline


Ocean Blackline

Safari Roll & Write Game

Wild Animals

Safari Roll & Write Game Blackline

Wild Animals Blackline

Fire Safety Roll & Write Game

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Roll & Write Game Blackline

Fire Safety Blackline


Penguins Blackline



Valentines Blackline

Valentines Blackline

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Blackline


Easter Blackline

Thanksgiving Writing Game


Thanksgiving Writing Game

Thanksgiving Blackline


Christmas Game

Christmas Blackline



Gingerbread Blackline

Gingerbread Blackline

USA Patriotic Game

USA Patriotic

USA Patriotic blackline

USA Patriotic Blackline

Roll and Write Games


  1. Prudence Rosier says

    Thanks for all ypour ideas. Really appreciate them. I do try them out when I have the chance. Have a great week. Prudence

  2. Rena' Hoggard says

    Thank you Karen. I am so excited about these new activities. I’m printing them this morning so that I can start implementing them immediately. Awesome!

  3. Kristal says

    Karen….every month I do so look forward to all of your great ideas…and my special needs students love them too!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  4. Lolly says

    Thank you so much for putting the Roll and Write game in black and white. I printed and the kids played it. They really enjoy it. Thank you.

  5. Chandra Norton says

    I would like the roll and write games to have letters the kids can trace (dotted line letters). This would allow children who aren’t quite ready for free hand writing to trace the letters and “graduate” to freehand. Any chance PreKinders could make these?


    • says

      Hi Chandra! Thanks for the suggestion, but I have a rule that I do not post worksheets on my site. I have printable games, but no worksheets or color sheets. Its actually better for the youngest children to have blank spaces to practice writing rather than tracing. Every child may not be able to form a letter, but I accept their best efforts.

      • Chandra Norton says

        Thanks for the response. At the Christian daycare/preschool where I work we start our K2 classes out tracing then “graduate” to writing (in K3). This is why I asked about maybe adding dotted letters to the Roll & Write Games. Our K2’s tracing is a mess at first but once they get the concept they do really well. We continue tracing at the beginning of K3 and then start writing letters/our name later in the year. By the end of K3 our kids are writing there names/letters. Thanks again!

        • Gina Flynn says

          I too caution you against expecting your 3’s and 4’s to do formal tracing activities. You need to encourage pre-writing strengthening activities to prepare their little hands and muscles for more formal writing. I highly recommend the Handwriting Without Tears program for Pre-K.

  6. xan says

    I love all your activities!! I actually made dice with the beginner writing lines (horizontal, vertical, etc.) for my 3 year old preschool children. They love it!!

  7. Gina Flynn says

    Karen, Thank you for sharing so many great ideas. You have the right attitude about learning through authentic, intentional play!!

  8. teresa roose says

    Oh thank you so much for making these adorable game boards!!!

    We need a lot of lower case letter practice and teen number practice and these boards
    will work just great for us to toss the dice and record as well as play it with a friend and record what they rolled!

    So tremendous of you to share and FREE!

  9. says

    Thank you very much for all of the fun Pre-k activities! I love visiting your site and have incorporated many of your ideas into my curriculum!

  10. Angela says

    Great cute graphics. I purchased your Math word problems activity packet and my students love them. They are becoming great mathematicians.

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