Counting with Pumpkin Seeds

Children can use real pumpkin seeds while practicing numeral recognition and counting skills.

Counting with Pumpkin Seeds

To prepare this activity, just print and cut the pumpkin number cards. Laminate if you will be reusing this next year. Children can use pumpkin seeds as counters to place on the pumpkins. Pumpkin seeds in the shell can be purchased or save them when you cut a pumpkin.

If you need an alternative to seeds, you can use flat floral marbles, pumpkin seeds cut from craft foam or felt, candy corn, or other items.

For this activity, children will identify the numeral on each pumpkin and count out the correct amount of pumpkin seeds to place on each pumpkin.

Download the Pumpkin Counting Cards

Download: Pumpkin Counting

Note: This printable is FREE. Just click to download.


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