Prop Boxes


Small dry erase board and marker, Checklist sheets, Erasable weather chart (laminate to make erasable), Pens, Mini pocket chart, Other mini charts, Paper, Pointer, Books, Flash cards


Doctor’s or Nurse’s Coat, Scrub shirt, Stethoscope, Cloth bandage wraps, X-rays, Empty medicine bottles, Shot syringes (without needle), Bandaids


Fire hats, Black boots, Oxygen tanks (made from 2 liter bottles), Raincoat, Short pieces of hose, Hand bell, First Aid kit

Construction Worker

Tools, Belt, Hat, Toolbox, Orange vests, Blueprints, Safety glasses


Walkie-talkies, Blue shirts, Notepads, Pens, Badge, Hat


Paint caps, Empty paint cans, Paint sticks, Paint rollers, Paint brushes, Aprons, Low step stool


Scarves, Streamers, Tutus, Tap shoes, Ballet shoes,Top hats, Dancing cane


Cowboy hats, Ropes, Boots, Denim vests, Bandanas, Cowboy shirts, Chaps

Post Office

All size envelopes, Bubble mailers, Stamps (canceled), Priority mail envelopes, Cardboard boxes, Packaging tape, Tube mailer, Mailbox, Paper, Pens

Hair Salon

Curling iron (cut off cord), Empty shampoo and conditioner bottles, Empty hairspray bottle (can fill with water), Clips, Barrettes, Rollers, Combs, Brushes, Empty fingernail polish bottles, Cape


File folders, Filing crate, Index cards, Index card boxes, Legal pads, Note pads, Pens, Pencils, While you were out pads, Paper clips, Stapler, Phone

Grocery Store

Cash register, Price tags, Play food, Small empty food containers, Money, Baskets for shoppers, Brown paper grocery bags

Clothing Store

Dress-up clothes, Money, Hangers or hooks, Clothes rack, Cash register, Paper bags, Mirror, Sales slips, Fashion magazines, Price tags.

Shoe Store

Old shoes in different sizes, Shoe boxes, Chairs, Ruler, Cash register, Money, Purses

Flower Shop

Artificial flowers, vases, Money, Baskets, Phone, Notepad, Pens


Rolling pins, Aprons, Oven mitts, Cupcake tins, Cake pans, Mixing bowls, Hand held manual mixers, Measuring cups, Cookie sheets, Paper cupcake cups, Measuring spoons, Spatulas, Wooden mixing spoons, Dishcloths, Towels, Empty food containers, Empty milk cartons

Ice Cream Shop

Pom-Pom balls for the ice cream, Empty ice cream buckets, Ice cream bowls, Spoons, Ice cream scoops, Menu/price list, Money


Menus, Table cloth, Serving plate, Cloth napkins, Silverware, Dishes, Aprons, Play food, Notepads, Pens, Silk flower centerpieces, Play credit cards, Play checks, Chef hat, Place mats, Serving tray

Pet Care

Food bowl, Rawhide bones, Pet carrier, Stuffed animal pets, Collar, Leash, Pet bed, Pet toys

Baby Care

Dolls, Doll clothes, Velcro diapers, Bottles, Baby blankets, High chair, Doll crib, Empty baby food jars, Baby spoons, Rattles, Small stuffed toys, Empty powder and wet wipe containers, Bibs

Baby Bath

Plastic dolls, Hand towels, Sponges, Dish pans or water table, Water smocks, Water, Liquid soap, Diapers


Fishing poles, Plastic worms, Bucket, Fishing net, Hat


Sleeping bags, Sticks, Maps, Back packs, Flashlights, Small tent, Cooking utensils, Play food, Butterfly net, Logs made out of rolled brown paper with red, orange, and yellow tissue paper for pretend fire, Binoculars, Compass, Canteen, Paper plates, First-aid kit


Suitcase, Travel books, Tickets, Money, Maps, Clothes, Grooming items, Pajamas


Blanket, Picnic basket, Paper plates and cups, Play food


Suntan lotion bottles, Sunglasses, Flip flops, Radio, Swim fins, Face mask, Beach hats, Beach ball, Towels, Ice chest, Juice cans, Cassette tapes of beach songs, Buckets, Pails, Sand molds, Beach chairs, Mini umbrella


Microphone, Colored flashlights, Strobe light, Cloth for curtains, Chairs for audience, Large blocks for stage, Costumes


Garden gloves, Trowels, Watering can, Flower pots, Artificial plants and flowers, Bird feeder, Wind socks, Knee pads, Aprons, Straw hats, Plastic vegetables


Mittens, Ear muffs, Warm hats, Scarves, Sweaters, Buckets and shovels, Snow (cotton balls, Styrofoam)


Raincoats, Rain boots, Umbrellas, Rain/thunder sounds CD


Cone-shaped princess hats (can make with paper and streamers), Crowns, Fancy shoes, Robes (red capes with white fur), Princess dresses, Chair for throne, Cardboard box castle.

Tea Party

Table cloth, Tea set, Cloth napkins, Hats, Gloves, Dress-up clothes, Plastic vase with flowers

Birthday Party

Party hats, Party blowers, Party cups and plates, Streamers, Mylar Balloons (the kind on a stick), pretend cakes (Lakeshore makes a set that you can stick play candles in), Inexpensive gift wrap and bows, Tape and scissors, Boxes, Gift bags and tissue paper


Colored coat (Joseph), Blue veil (Mary), Lion costume, Sheep costume, Angel costume, Sandals, Pieces of cloth w/ headbands


  1. Bonnie Mc says

    Hi, I had the same question as above. Also, do you rotate them out, or give them a choice of a few? Also, how do you rotate centers? I’ve tried a few different ways and I always seem to be thinking there has to be a better way. Thanks for the information, your website is great!

  2. Brooke Moore says

    I bet ur classroom is fun! I really enjoyed viewing and reading about ur ideas. I googled pics of classrooms in order to do my homework, thanks. Your website is very through and enlightening.

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