Pattern Grids

I use craft paper punchers to punch out paper manipulatives in different colors. Craft and hobby stores have these punchers in all kinds of shapes: apples, stars, frogs, butterflies, hearts, leaves, bears, circles, and many more. The pieces are about the size of a quarter. They can be used to make color or shape patterns. Children glue the pieces to a strip of paper in a pattern. The grid sheets could also be used for making patterns with dot markers. These are great to save for portfolios.

Pattern Grid


  1. Yvonne says

    Thanks for the great sharing on the site! It will absolutely help me in preparing for the materials for pre-K Children. I love many ideas here!

    • says

      Hi Jennifer,

      Start with matching (things that are the same), then sorting (by color, by shape). Kids can’t make a pattern until they have mastered sorting. When you start patterns, start with AB patterns only. Start with clap, slap patterns or clap, jump in large group. In small group, I use Unifix cubes to begin with and I always start with black and white. Those two colors are the easiest to distinguish. (I’ve also taught children in the past who were later diagnosed as colorblind but their doctors, so using black & white to teach it in the beginning will ensure all children are learning when it’s introduced.)

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