Math Assessment Awards

Here is the next set of Assessment Awards. This set includes assessment awards for recognition of Shapes, Numerals, and Colors. Of course, Colors is not actually a Math skill, but I wanted to go ahead and include it here as I knew many teachers will be assessing colors.

I previously posted Alphabet Assessment Awards and Literacy Assessment Awards. These mini awards can be used to assess what your students know, then send them home for parent communication. (These are not intended to be worksheets: you use them as you work with the child, or observe them through play. Then send these home for communication with parents.)

Math Assessment Awards printables

Shapes Assessment

Show children each shape and ask them to name the shape. To mark the shapes children know, you can either circle them, check them, or draw a smiley face on the shapes. I have included two different awards: one includes the hexagon and the other includes the octagon. You can choose the one you prefer. Both awards include other basic shapes, such as circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, and rhombus (diamond).

Shape Assessment

Download: Shapes Assessment | Version with Octagon

Colors Assessment

I have included awards in color and also in blackline, so teachers can choose the one they prefer. If you print the award in color for each child, you can point to the color and circle the colors they know. If you are not able to use a lot of colored ink, here are two ideas. Print one award in color and laminate it. Copy the children’s awards in blackline. Show them the one in color, but mark on the blackline one. Or, staple together pieces of colored construction paper to show them.

Color Assessment

Download: Colors Assessment | Colors Assessment Blackline

Numerals Assessment

This one is for numeral recognition (not counting). Point to each numeral and ask children to name it. Either circle the numbers they know, or highlight them with a highlighter.

Number Assessment Pre-K Printable

 Download: Numerals Assessment

Find more assessment ideas on my Assessment page. I plan to create more of these mini assessment awards. If there are any you would especially like to see, just let me know!

Graphics for the above printables provided by: My Clipart Store & Dancing Crayon Designs


    • Michelle S. says

      I wonder if these worksheets can be just to communicate home and the assessment can be during authentic play? Can color id be assessed while free-drawing with markers or painting & noted on the sheet by the adult? No need for worksheets with small kids.
      Let the kids play, not do worksheets!

      • says

        Absolutely, they can be, Michelle! These are not intended to be used as worksheets. They are for parent communication. I do not use worksheets in my classroom nor do I publish them on my site.

  1. Rebecca says

    Thank you so much for all the assessments. My pre-K class enjoys doing them. They are so proud of their knowledge and can’t wait to take them home!

  2. Aimee says

    I really appreciate these assessments. They are perfect for what I’ll be testing and makes my life so much easier. You are awesome!

    • says

      Thanks for commenting, Aimee! That’s just what I’m hoping for: making fellow teachers’ lives easier (as well as my own). Glad to hear they are just what you need.

  3. Michele S says

    Thank you so much for all of your mini assessment awards. I will be including these in the folders the kids take home at the end of the year. Great idea and great of you to be so generous.

  4. Kathy Salazar says

    Thank you so much for completing this series! I was hoping to find numbers here but the shapes & colors are a bonus!

  5. Patricia says

    These mini assessment sheets are perfect! I just want to thank you for ALL you do and ALL the ideas and printables that you share with us so freely. I have most of my classroom set up with your ideas! Thank you for making my job so much easier and a lot of fun.

  6. Mildred C says

    Hello Karen,

    Thank you for all that you do to help make fellow teachers job a little easier. I plan to laminate the assessment sheets for my students to use in the literacy and math areas for continued reinforcement.Your site is one of the first ones I now come to for activities to enhance my curriculum. Thank you again, and please keep sharing.

  7. Lianti Singh says

    I just love your creativity which enables the student as well as the teacher to fully participate in the various concepts. It is fun yet easy to assess the student. I look forward to your innovative, “hands on” approach to teaching our future “World Leaders’!

  8. Kristina says

    These are great, I did them with my son who will be two next month and he knows all of them already. Very happy I found these to show him when he’s older.

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