Letter Sounds Printables

These Letter Sounds A-Z Printables are made in both Color & Blackline, and are meant to be versatile. You could use these in numerous activities.

Printable Letter Sounds Cards

A few ideas for using these:

  • Print them on magnetic paper & cut them out for use on a magnetic board or cookie sheet.
  • Print them & glue them onto die cut shapes or “Accents” from the teacher store.
  • Use them to glue in ABC books.
  • Glue them on giant cut out letters for display on a wall.
  • Make your own letter sound bingo games.
  • Make memory games.
  • Print on adhesive paper to make stickers.

Add your own ideas & suggestions in the comments section below!


  1. nikki says

    I absolutely love your blog and your webiste!!! It is so inspiring! You have many many great ideas and wanted to leave you a note saying Thank you so much for your time and talent. I check your blog regularly and I am still going through your website!!!

  2. says

    I am a homeschooler and a fan of your site. We have used your pattern block mats, letter tiles and Letter sounds cards. We will definitely be using your newest printables for Letter Sounds!

    Thank you for your contribution to educating children.

  3. alleta says

    I teach prek and I made a fishing game out of the pictures. The children use fishing poles (pencils with fishing line and a magnet on the end) and catch a picture or letter depending on level. I give them an alphabet sheet and they place a counter on the corresponding letter or sound. They love this and ask to play it all the time.
    Thanks for the great resources!

    • Rita says

      First of all I will like to say a big thank you to Karen for all of her great ideas. I absolutely love this. Alleta, I have to say your idea is great and I think my PPCD students will enjoy playing this fishing game out of the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Robin says

    I have taught elementary for many years and have recently moved to preschool to be with my youngest son. Your website is a such a gift!!! I understand the time and effort that went into building it and I wanted to say thank you for sharing such great resources.

  5. brenda says

    I love all the printables that you provide. It saves me so much time not having to make them myself. They are so well done. I run them off on card stock. And I have a request. Could you please fill up the whole page? Either put more cards to a page or fill up the page so that the cards themselves are bigger, rather than just having wasted space on each page. Bigger cards would be easier to show the whole class. Also have you made your cards into a power point slide show for the smart board? Some of the games would be great as “Slap” games that could be projected on the smart board. One to two children have fly swatters. When they see the correct sound word for A, they gently slap the picture that is correct. Thanks for a great website. I use it often!!!!

  6. Carol says

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing so much information. This is my first year of teaching Pre-K , but my 17th year of teaching. o all of the resources that i have gatheres form you have most helpful. What a blessing you are. May you be continuously be blessed, cause you just blessed me! :-))) Carol From Atlanta GA

  7. Sarah says

    Thank you so much for your time, talents, and treasures. You have been so generous I am so thankful for you and your website. I am back to teaching after several years off and keep searching your website for help and I can’t thank you enough.

  8. Liliana says

    I love your Blog , I have been using your ideas to help my bilingual students with alphabet knowledge and more!!! Thank you for sharing God Bless you :)

  9. Drethy says

    this website is so great i have got so many activities to assist my students here in Jamaica. If there is anyone with stuff to give away could you please consider my school here in Jamaica. Thanks

  10. Jessica says

    I just found your website a few months ago and it has been so helpful to me! This is my first year teaching and it happens to be in preschool, although I was really more prepared for elementary. It was a steep learning curve for me to get used to the younger ones and their unique needs, and your activities have been a lifesaver!

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