Gummy Bear Counting Song

The Gummy Bear Song by Dr. Jean is by far one of my prekinders’ favorite songs. They ask me to play it over and over and over again. They love to have their turn to take down one of the bears when we do this at large group time.

Gummy Bear Song Printable

During center time, the kids often get the bears and sing the song themselves, calling out their friends names to come take a colored bear.

You can download the printable gummy bears I use for Dr. Jean’s Gummy Bear Song below. I printed these on cardstock, laminated them, and cut them out. We place the bears in a pocket chart or on the whiteboard ledge and the children remove them when they hear their name. If you don’t have this song, it can be purchased at Dr. Jean’s website.

Download the Gummy Bear Song Printable

Download: Gummy Bears

Note: This printable is free, just click the link.


  1. nikki says

    i have to look up this Dr Jean…i have never heard of this …but here recently it is all I hear about..a complete must have!!! Thanks for keeping up your are such an inspiration!

  2. Katherine says

    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas! I am a Pre-K inclusion teacher and I am also a cooperating teacher for Student teachers and I find myself giving out your link all the time. We appreciate what you do!

  3. Arleysha says

    We love this song in our preschool too… the best part is when the song is over…the children have to return their gummy bear to me and then I would give them a real gummy bear the same color!

  4. Marcia says

    Thanks for the wonderful printables!! My class LOVES this song…so much so that we’ve learned it without the CD and have “bought” 10 different colors of gummy bears!!

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