Grandparents Day

Here’s a little something for Grandparents Day: a printable Happy Grandparents Day Card!

I tend to like projects that are simple & something the children can do entirely on their own. I don’t like to micromanage the children’s artwork. I don’t tell the children exactly where each dot of glue & each pre-cut piece should be placed. For grandparents day, I made this card, printed them on cardstock, and folded them in half. Each child made two. I gave them crayons, markers, glue, sequins, and butterfly paper punches. I only put a heart on it because children are always asking me to draw a heart for them when they make something for someone they love. I let them choose what they wanted to do with the card & what materials they used. The end result showed each child’s individuality.

Download: Grandparents Day card