Easter: Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs are a great way to connect Easter eggs to the story of Jesus.

Resurrection Eggs in Preschool

These eggs can be found in the children’s section of a Christian store. I’ve also seen them at Walmart. Each egg has an object inside it that represents the true story of Easter: three coins in one to represent Judas’ 30 pieces of silver, white cloth in one to represent the shroud He was wrapped in, a stone in one to represent the stone that the angel rolled away. This set is a wonderful, hands-on way for the children to learn the Easter story. We talk about one egg per day, leading up to Easter. Each day we review the eggs we have previously opened. Once all of the eggs have been opened, we talk about the whole story and have the children open up all of them. The original Resurrection Eggs are made by FamilyLife. They include some pieces that you would not be able to make yourself. See the links below to Resurrection Eggs at Amazon.com, and two story books that go with them (you do not have to have the books to use the eggs).

Resurrection Eggs in Preschool

Links to More Resurrection Egg Activities

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Bible Story Printables: Resurrection Eggs File Folder Game { Print and assemble }

Here are two websites that describe how to make your own set (some pieces are different from the FamilyLife set):
Rainbow Castle
Catholic Mom


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