Easter Play Dough Mats

Today I’m sharing these new Easter Play Dough Counting Mats which join the growing collection of Play Dough Math Mats.

I also have another Play Dough Math Mat set with a Spring rabbit and many more Easter Activities.

Easter Play Dough Math Mats

To use these mats, just print them and protect them by either laminating or slipping into page protectors. My preference is to put them in page protectors and hook them all together with metal binder rings. (I do this now with a lot of multiple page activities so the kids won’t spread mats out all over the table.)

Easter Play Dough Counting Mats

Each mat says, “Put [#] eggs in the basket.” Children will identify the numeral on each page and count out that amount of Easter eggs to place in the basket.

The toddler mat is for children who need fine motor practice, but are not ready for counting. This mat simply says, “Put eggs in the basket.” This blank mat can also be used if you want numbers higher than 10. Print as many of the blank mat as you need and write the numbers with a bold black marker on the mats.

So what are the Easter eggs that children will count onto the mat? That’s where the fun (and fine motor) comes in! Children can pinch off pieces of play dough and roll it in their hands to make little egg shapes. They will make several eggs and count them out on the mat.

Easter Play Dough Counting Mats

If you need an alternative to play dough, you could use little craft foam eggs.

Click these images (or the buttons) to download the mats:

Easter Mats Easter Toddler Mat

Easter Play Dough Mat

Easter Mat

Easter Play Dough Mat

Easter Toddler Mat


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  1. Sue Logue says

    Love the website… always fresh ideas…great for my deaf and hoh preschoolers! thanks for sharing ….without charge! Many children (and teachers) are benefiting from your creativity!

  2. linda says

    Thank you for blessing the early childhood teaching community and thereby reaching so many more students. Truly grateful for all you have and will do. This site keeps me coming back for more.

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