Easter: Life of Jesus Cross

This post is for those who teach in Christian preschool programs…

This is a cross the children can make after you have read many stories to them about the life and resurrection of Jesus.

Life of Jesus Cross

Print the cross template onto cardstock to use as a pattern. Trace this cross pattern onto construction paper and cut it out (or have the children cut it out). Print the Life of Jesus Cards onto cardstock and cut out each piece (or have the children cut them out). The card that says “Life of Jesus” should go in the middle. The other cards surround it. Have children place their cards on the cross, then glue them. Ask children to retell the story of Jesus while pointing to each picture.

This set of Life of Jesus cards can also be used as sequencing cards.

If you have a lot of students and want to cut costs, you don’t have to use cardstock , and you can print in grayscale and make copies if you don’t want to use color ink. The grayscale pictures do look nice when you glue them to colorful construction paper.

Download the Life of Jesus Printables

Cross Printable
Download: Cross Pattern

Life of Jesus Printable
Download: Life of Jesus Cards

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  1. becki w. says

    i love this printable! but i have a quick question, which may sound stupid: how do i turn it into grayscale? i don’t see an option to do that while it’s in PDF form and when i copy it over to word the picture is small. by the time i enlarge it, the pictures are blurry – so i think i’m missing something! thanks for any help you can offer!

    • says

      Hi Becky, you don’t need to convert the PDF to any other form. If you’re using Windows, just click CTRL-P to print, then when your window comes up for printing, click “Preferences”. Then click the “Color” tab, then under “Color Options” check the box “Print in grayscale”. Different computers might be slightly different, but I think these instructions will work for most. For those who have a Mac, I’m sure a Google search will show some instructions for printing in grayscale.

  2. Christine says

    This is fantastic! My team teacher and I have been searching for a preschool-friendly Lenten activity to do with our students for a year now. In the past, we have done variations of the Stations, but felt it was just way too much for them. This is the answer to our quest. Thank you so much! I love your website, and your activities have really enriched our curriculum this year. Great job!

  3. says

    We made the Life of Jesus Cross today. We found and reviewed the stories in our Children’s Bible. I printed the crosses on card stock, had the kids cut them out and paint them with watercolor paints, then after some time to dry, the kids cut out the pictures and glued them on. I then ran them through my home Scotch brand laminator (heavier quality laminating than our school’s machine). When I laminated them, I left about 1/2 inch of clear laminating at the top of the cross so I wouldn’t have to punch a hole in the actual cross. I cut out the laminating in the same shape as the cross, punched a hole in the top, and added a ribbon loop. I am hoping they will be hung up at home. They are each very unique since since some kids painted them in squares like mosaics, others painted hearts or flowers. Beautiful results! Thanks Karen.

  4. Lynelle says

    You could also fold the cross up and make it into a box and tie it with ribbon. Then it’s like a present and when you open it up the present inside is Jesus and all He gave us through His life and the cross.

  5. Mare says

    Hi Karen!
    I like Your ideas for teaching:)
    I work with children at church. Can i use Your materials for that purpose?
    Thank You.
    Greetings from Croatia :)

  6. MIchelle says

    Thank you SO much for this! It is perfect for our home school preschool class this Friday!
    God Bless!!!

  7. Abby says

    I love this! I’m going to combine it with a lesson about Mexico and what they do for Semana Santa and glue tissue paper around the edges of the pictures, filling in the cross background. It’ll make it look like their sand drawings they do in Mexico!

    I was wondering if you had a non-colored version of the pictures? I would like them to color them. If not, I’ll have them color on the grey-scale version.

    Thanks so much!

  8. Thao Huynh says

    Thank you so much for sharing. In my country Vietnam. there’s not too many websites that help the Sunday school teachers. Thanks God that I found this website and I will use this Jesus life cross for my class next Sunday. Thank you once again.
    God bless!

  9. Flora says

    Greetings from Myanmar!
    Hi, I’ve been looking for a Christian crafts for Easter celebration. This would be perfect for the our children outreach. Thanks a lot. GBU

  10. FELIX says

    Hi Karen,
    Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2016. I came across your children ministry materials and although I have not read many of it, I feel privileged to find access to these materials! Our children shall benefit a lot more next year and God bless your work.

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