Days of Creation Cards

This is for those who teach in Christian Preschool Programs

Here is a set of sequencing cards for teaching the Days of Creation. When I taught in a Christian program, this is how I started out the year.

For this activity, I would introduce the cards in Large Group (a.k.a. Circle Time). I would show the children one card per day, telling them the story behind it. Each day, as I added a new card, I would review the previous cards by showing the children the cards and asking them to tell me the story about it. We would also do a craft activity based on the Creation story each day. Place these cards in a center for children to use during their free choice time.

Download: Creation Cards

Also check out the Colorful World Book for another Creation story activity.

My favorite book for telling the Creation story with children is The Creation Story, illustrated by Norman Messenger. The words are directly from KJV Genesis, so I do paraphrase a little when I read it, especially the first time. The pictures in the book are beautiful.


  1. Jennifer says

    The story of creation is exactly what our story was in chapel today! These are great and I think it’s wonderful that you are adding Christian elements to your products!!

  2. Debbie says

    I too think it’s great that you are adding Christian teachings to your web. As a Christain school teacher of 4 year olds – I can truly say it is hard finding good material to use in teaching the children. Thanks again!

  3. Sabrina says

    Thank you for this wonderful freebie! I’m a homeschooler and will use it for several ideas including a Creation lapbook. ;)

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