Pre-K Classroom Rules

class rules

I have used these 4 simple classroom rules for Pre-K for over 10 years. They have worked well because they cover everything, and are simple enough for young children to remember. I always tell my students the most important rule is “Be nice to others” and I always put that poster first.

I have made these printable rules posters for use in your classroom. These can be posted on the wall, and I also recommend making a book with them to place in the reading center.

Download: Classroom Rules Posters

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This printable uses graphics licensed by Scrappin Doodles.


  1. Magaly Carroll says

    I love that I can find things for my students on your website and free, I’m sure all your ideas and activities will help me be a better teacher for them. Thank you

  2. Lisa Horace says

    Hello Ms. Cox,
    I really enjoyed looking at all the age appropriate ideas that you have on your site. As an up and coming early childhood teacher, you really have captured the reason why I want to be a teacher. It’s fun and exciting, and it is awesome to know that you have helped a child accomplish something major in their lives that would stay with them for the rest of their lives. Again thanks for all you do.

    • Aftabuddin says

      i do appreciate you ideas,your ideas about classroom rules are very sufficient, i liked it. and i used that in my classroom. i wish you add more idea about the classroom rules.

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