Class Book Ideas

Here are some ideas for making class books with your Pre-K and Preschool students.

Ideas for Making Class Books

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Schedule Book

Take photos of the children during each part of the day: arrival time, circle time, outside time, center time, lunch time, etc. Add a photo to each page, and sequence the pages in order. Any time the children want to know what comes next, they can find the answer in the book.

Special Days

Each time we have a “special day” throughout the school year, a photo is added to this book as a reminder of that day. I include: fire truck visit, field trips, United Nations Day, Advent Project, Easter, Blessing of the Animals, St. Patrick’s Day parade, field day, etc.

Block Idea Book

Take photos of children with something they have built in the Block Center. I keep the pages from previous years and add to them, so that children can see what other children have done in the past. Sometimes, those children from the past are their siblings or cousins.

Idea Books

Take photos of children with things they have made using open ended materials, like pattern blocks or play dough. These books are placed in the center with the material for children to use as ideas for creations. Each material has a separate book, such as the “Pattern Block Book” or “Lego Book”.

Centers Book

Make this book by printing out each center sign, exactly like the sign you have in each center. Take photos of the children as they play at the centers, and add the photos to each center’s page.

Our Town

Each page says “In our town, we have a _____.” Photos of several places around town are included in your book (gas station, zoo, Walmart, fire station, Putt-Putt, McDonald’s, etc.) Parents are asked to help out by taking pictures of their work places or places the families visit on the weekend.

Silly Sally

After reading Silly Sally, by Audrey Wood, we make this class book. “Silly ___ went to town, walking backwards upside down.” Photos are taken of the children hanging upside down on the monkey bars and glued into the book. If a child doesn’t want to hang upside down, their picture is taken standing and then glued upside down in the book.

How To Books

Make a how-to book by taking photos of each step in making something. For example, each step of a cooking activity, each step as children make an airplane with blocks, each step for using and cleaning up paint, etc.

Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?

After reading the book, Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?, by Eric Carle, we make our own version. Children choose a favorite animal. Each page says: “Does a _____ have a mother, too? Yes! A _____ has a mother. Just like me and you!” Children cut and glue a magazine picture of an animal on the page or draw a picture of that animal on the page.

If You Take a T-Rex to School

This class book is based on “If You Take a Mouse to School” by Laura Numeroff. Children imagine what might happen if a dinosaur came to school. Each page says: “If you take a T-rex to school, he’ll ____.”

If You Give a Kid a ______

This book is based on the Laura Numeroff books. Each page says: “If you give ___ a ___ s/he’ll want ______ to go with it!” For example, “If you give Sarah pizza, she’ll want Coke to go with it!” Children glue a picture of themselves on the page, along with magazine cut outs of the food items they chose.

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

This class book is based on the book, It Looked Like Spilt Milk. Each page says: “It looked like _____.” For example, “It looked like a butterfly.” Children paint a picture of their choice on blue paper with white paint. Painting with a cotton ball will give the picture a “cloudy” look.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

This class book is a song book for “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”. Children draw a picture of any farm animal, and think of the animal’s sound. You could also have children bring in a stuffed toy farm animal, and take their picture holding it. On each page write:
“Old Mac______ had a farm. E-i-e-i-o.
And on that farm he had a ___. E-i-e-i-o.
With a ______ here, And a ______ there.
Here a ___, There a ___, Everywhere a _______.
Old Mac______ had a farm. E-i-e-i-o!”

Birthday Book

Read more and download the printable Birthday Book to teach your students their birth month.

birthday book printable


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