Children’s Prayer

This is a prayer for children that has been in my files for many years. I can no longer remember who gave me this prayer, and as far as I know it is anonymous. If anyone knows the author’s name, please let me know so I can give credit.

I found these adorable graphics to make posters for this prayer, which you can download below. If you teach a preschool class, this is a good prayer to end the day.

God watches over us all day.
At home, at school
And when we play.
And when the sun (raise hands to show sun)
Has left the sky (bring hands down)
He watches us with a million eyes (put hand above eyes like you are looking).
Whisper: “The stars!”

Prayer Rhyme Posters to print for your classroom

Click the buttons to download the printable prayer:

Girl Prayer Poster Boy Prayer Poster

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