Beach Classroom Decor

Beach Classroom Decor

Lots of you like to see classroom photos, so here goes. Last year, I decorated my classroom in beach decor with turquoise, and I’m keeping the same decor this year. Before this, I actually haven’t really done a theme for my entire classroom. I had maybe frogs on name tags and folders, but did not […]

Easy to Clean Art Easel Cover

Easy to Clean Art Easel Cover

Here’s a great solution for making your art easel easy to clean (and cute!) My sweet friend who teaches down the hall from me shared this idea with me last year. It held up all year and still looks great going into this year. This easel cover will wipe clean with a wet wipe or washcloth. Even […]

Establishing Teacher-Child Relationships

Establishing Teacher Child Relationships

Establishing relationships with your students is the most important factor in managing behavior in the classroom. When an individual child knows you love them, it will become easier to guide them towards positive behavior. This is important with all children, but particularly with children with the most challenging behaviors. This post is based on the book […]

Helping Children Share and Take Turns

Helping Children Share and Take Turns

All Pre-K and Preschool teachers deal with children who don’t understand what it means to share and take turns. Sometimes children will have different interpretations of what it means to share because of what their families have taught them. Sometimes children think sharing means another child is supposed to hand over whatever they want because “you’re supposed to […]

Summer Book Studies

Summer Book Studies

A guide to the Summer Book Studies by Early Childhood Bloggers 2011-2014. 2014: Challenging Behaviors (Multiple Books) You may need to refresh your browser to see the updated posts for 2014. Introduction @ Pre-K Pages Book Study FAQ @ Pre-K Pages Helping Children Resolve Conflicts @ Teach Preschool How to Deal with Tattling @ Fun-a-Day […]

Teaching Left to Right Progression

Teaching Concepts of Print in Preschool

This is one of the many ways I teach print concepts in my Pre-K classroom. I use these charts to teach left-to-right progression of print, as well as top-to-bottom progression to children who are pre-readers. Emergent reader books and other shared reading activities work well for this also. I make each chart by writing simple, […]

Math Assessment Awards

Number Assessment Pre-K Printable

Here is the next set of Assessment Awards. This set includes assessment awards for recognition of Shapes, Numerals, and Colors. Of course, Colors is not actually a Math skill, but I wanted to go ahead and include it here as I knew many teachers will be assessing colors. I previously posted Alphabet Assessment Awards and […]

HeidiSongs Review + Giveaway and Promo Code

HeidiSongs Review + Giveaway

Among my favorite music for classroom learning is HeidiSongs. Children love music and movement in the classroom, and I love to find music that also teaches the skills children need to know, such as math and literacy. HeidiSongs has several CDs and DVDs that do just that: teach skills while children move and sing. The creator, […]

Literacy Assessment Awards

Syllable Assessment for Pre-K

I recently posted Alphabet Assessment Awards, and these Literacy Assessment Awards are the next set of mini awards for showing your students’ progress. Children can take these home to show their progress to their families. This set of awards includes assessments of syllables, rhyming, and oral blending. Syllables Assessment Show children each picture and have […]

Easter Treat Bag Toppers

Easter Treat Bag Topper with bunny candy

Here are some treat bag toppers for Easter! These make such easy gifts for a class. They could also be used for kids to give to their friends. To make the treat bags, just print out the treat bag topper you like, and cut around it. Fill a zip bag with treats (either snack size or […]