Gummy Bear Math Printables

Gummy Bear Sorting

These gummy bear math printables will help your Pre-K and Kindergarten kids practice sorting, counting, and patterns. Its a quick-prep activity (as long as you have gummy bears on hand). Just print the pages, add gummy bears, and you’re ready. I used the “classic” gummy bear colors of red, orange, yellow, green, and clear. These colors […]

12 Favorite Tips for Teachers

12 Favorite Teacher Tips by

Here are a few of my favorite teacher tips! Some of these you may have heard of, some maybe not. Please add your own helpful tips in the comments section below! We can all help each other out. 1. Use felt scraps for dry erase lapboard erasers. I cut felt scraps into squares for the […]

Classroom Decor Cricut Projects

Cricut Giveaway #cricut

I have been planning to buy one of these Cricut machines for a long time, but hadn’t yet. Recently the Cricut company sent me one, along with a ton of tools and supplies to go with it, in exchange for sharing what I created on my blog. I don’t write about products for companies very much, and […]

20 Reasons for Open Ended Art

20 Reasons for Open Ended Art

We have open ended art materials and opportunities to use them every single day in my classroom. Open ended art means that a variety of materials are provided and available for children to choose. They choose the materials they want to use, how they want to use them, and what they will make. All too […]

Wildlife “I Have, Who Has” Game

I Have Who Has Wildlife Game Printable

Children love “I Have, Who Has” card games, and you can find many of them online to teach a variety of skills. You can find my “I Have, Who Has” games for Numbers and Shapes at these links. Before I play skill based “I Have, Who Has” games, we play a “fun” version first so that […]

4th of July Treat Bag Toppers

4th of July Treat Bag Topper (Independence Day)

These 4th of July treat bag toppers are a fun, simple gift to put together for your students, kids, friends, or for a party. If you’re in school during the summer or running a summer camp, this would be an inexpensive gift for the kids in your group. Treat bag topper gifts are quick to […]

End of Year Activities + Certificates

End of Year Party in Pre-K

Today, I’m sharing our Pre-K End of Year Celebration, along with printable certificates. Several people have asked me to share ideas for Preschool Graduation, but to be really honest, what I do is really simple. I also know this will be late for some teachers and not for others — if so, I hope you will pin it for next […]

Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play

ice cream cups and scoop

For the month of May, we have an Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play center in our preschool classroom. I have many more Dramatic Play centers here. At the bottom of this post, I will share where I got each item. This is the front of our Ice Cream Shop. The top shelf has ice cream bowls, spoons, ice […]