Christmas Ornaments for Preschool Kids

Star Christmas Ornament for Kids to Make

Every year, my class makes these wooden star ornaments. I like these because being made of wood, they are more durable than construction paper ornaments, and will hopefully last through the years. The gold paint makes them look a little more “stylish” and hopefully something that a family will enjoy hanging on their tree. I […]

Toy Store Dramatic Play

Toy Shop Dramatic Play Center for Preschoolers

During this month of December, we have a Toy Store in our dramatic play area. Each month, I have been posting a different dramatic play center from our classroom, and so far, I’ve shared our Pizza Shop, Grocery Store, and Vet Office. I chose a Toy Store for December since during Christmas time, children are thinking […]

Weighing Gift Boxes

Weighing Gift Boxes: Preschool Math

This weight measuring activity can be a fun preschool center at Christmas time or anytime of the year. In this activity, children weigh gift boxes on a balance scale to see which weigh the most, least, or same. To set up this activity, you will need: Balance scale Marbles Small gift boxes, such as cardboard […]

Pizza Shop Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play Pizza Shop

During the month of November, we had a Pizza Shop set up in our Dramatic Play area. Last month, I posted our Grocery Store. We will also make real food mini pizzas as a cooking activity after Thanksgiving break. You can find that recipe on the Cooking Page. This is our Pizza Shop’s awning. Our […]

Writing Center Printables

Writing Center Printables for Pre-K Kids

Why do people write? These printables for your Pre-K Writing Center will help teach children the purposes for writing. People write to send messages on greeting cards and post cards, and people write for fun when they fill in crossword puzzles. Pre-writers can have fun spelling out their name with the Pasting Letters, and practice fine […]

Pretend Play Writing Printables

Pretend Play Writing Printables

These pretend play printables will encourage your prekinders to practice writing skills while playing. Most importantly, children have fun writing while they play, and they practice skills without even realizing! Here are six printables that can be used in your Dramatic Play Center and/or House Center. Children will practice writing letters and numerals with these printables as they […]

Texture Touch Boxes

Texture Touch Boxes

Here is a simple science center set-up that is inexpensive (or free) and quick. This activity is an exploration of the sense of touch and can be used with a unit on the Five Senses.   If you saw the Nature Touch Boxes I posted last year, this is the same idea with a slight twist: […]

Grocery Store Dramatic Play Center

Grocery Store Dramatic Play

This month, I have a Grocery Store set up in our Dramatic Play area. We are doing a Farm Theme this month, and a Grocery Store goes well with that theme because we can talk about how our food goes from farm to grocery store. Last month, I posted our Vet Office. This is the front […]

Mini Pumpkin Math

Mini Pumpkin Math

Mini pumpkins make great tools for science and math exploration in the Pre-K classroom. We used mini pumpkins for exploring weight, measurement, and estimation. These activities can be added to your Science Center or Math Center as a learning display. Children love anything mini, and I like to include real pumpkins for children to explore […]

Monster Play Dough Math Mats

Monster Play Dough Math Mats

These monster play dough math mats will fit right in with your Halloween activities. I like this fuzzy, non-scary, kid-friendly monster — so cute!   To make the mats, print them out and either laminate them or slip them into page protectors. I always use page protectors and bind them together with metal binder rings so […]