Grocery Store Dramatic Play Center

Grocery Store Dramatic Play

This month, I have a Grocery Store set up in our Dramatic Play area. We are doing a Farm Theme this month, and a Grocery Store goes well with that theme because we can talk about how our food goes from farm to grocery store. Last month, I posted our Vet Office. This is the front […]

Mini Pumpkin Math

Mini Pumpkin Math

Mini pumpkins make great tools for science and math exploration in the Pre-K classroom. We used mini pumpkins for exploring weight, measurement, and estimation. These activities can be added to your Science Center or Math Center as a learning display. Children love anything mini, and I like to include real pumpkins for children to explore […]

Monster Play Dough Math Mats

Monster Play Dough Math Mats

These monster play dough math mats will fit right in with your Halloween activities. I like this fuzzy, non-scary, kid-friendly monster — so cute!   To make the mats, print them out and either laminate them or slip them into page protectors. I always use page protectors and bind them together with metal binder rings so […]

Fire Safety Picture-Word Cards

Fire Safety Word Cards: free printable from PreKinders

It’s almost October already and we’re heading into Fire Safety month. Today I have added a set of Fire Safety Word Cards to the Picture Word Cards collection. This set includes 18 words! Using the cards in the classroom: I have a pocket chart in my writing center, and I put the word cards in there. The […]

Center Time

Clean up this center time mess

You could walk into any classroom, in any Pre-K program, in any state, and find that Center Time is different from one class to the next. Center Time varies widely among Pre-K programs and teachers. Teachers often email me to ask questions about how I do Center Time, especially around August and September. Questions like… How […]

Vet Dramatic Play Center

Vet Dramatic Play Center

Today I’m sharing photos of my Vet Dramatic Play Center. I like to keep my “House” Dramatic Play area all the time because all children are most familiar with a house. I think it’s beneficial to have it available all the time for building language and social skills. So the Vet center is an extra area, but […]

Cooking Kit for the Classroom

Classroom Cooking Kit

Years ago, I put together a cooking kit for my classroom which has really come in handy over the years. I thought all the new teachers might find this idea useful because it’s nice to have a set of kitchen tools that stay in the classroom. That way I don’t have to bring them from home every time we […]

Pre-K Music Center

Music Center in Pre-K

Today I’m sharing some photos of my Music Center. Someone recently asked me about my Music Center and I realized I have all the other centers on the site, but have not yet posted the music center. This photo shows the whole Music Center. Since I didn’t have enough room on the shelf, I added the Sterlite plastic […]

Making Calendar Time Meaningful in Pre-K

Making the Calendar Meaningful in Pre-K

Calendar time is one of those things that started with older children and was pushed down to Pre-K. Any time an older kid concept is brought down to Pre-K, I like to be extra thoughtful in how I go about it. Time concepts are very abstract for preschool children. They can’t see time, so it’s very difficult for them to understand. […]