4th of July Treat Bag Toppers

4th of July Treat Bag Topper (Independence Day)

These 4th of July treat bag toppers are a fun, simple gift to put together for your students, kids, friends, or for a party. If you’re in school during the summer or running a summer camp, this would be an inexpensive gift for the kids in your group. Treat bag topper gifts are quick to […]

End of Year Activities + Certificates

End of Year Party in Pre-K

Today, I’m sharing our Pre-K End of Year Celebration, along with printable certificates. Several people have asked me to share ideas for Preschool Graduation, but to be really honest, what I do is really simple. I also know this will be late for some teachers and not for others — if so, I hope you will pin it for next […]

Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play

ice cream cups and scoop

For the month of May, we have an Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play center in our preschool classroom. I have many more Dramatic Play centers here. At the bottom of this post, I will share where I got each item. This is the front of our Ice Cream Shop. The top shelf has ice cream bowls, spoons, ice […]

Classroom Organizing Tips

Storage of Center Materials

A lot of people ask me how I store materials in the classroom, and many people want details. Here are some photos that show ways I organize the “hidden” materials, and in a future post, I’ll show our everyday supplies. The simple trick to organizing is to put like things together. I know that sounds so obvious. […]

Pond Life Picture-Word Cards

Pond Picture Word Cards

These Pond Life Picture Word Cards will work well with a Pond Life Theme. Included words are turtle, fish, duck, frog, tadpole, dragonfly, swan, alligator, salamander, snail, water bug, heron, lily pads, cattails. There are a total of 14 words. Find more word card sets in the Picture Word Cards collection. How to use the word cards: During each theme […]

Ladybug Play Dough Math Mats

Ladybug Play Dough Mats

Little bug enthusiasts will enjoy counting and fine motor practice with this set of Ladybug Play Dough Math Mats. These will go great with a Bug or Insect Theme. Find more of these mats on the play dough math mats page. To prepare these play dough mats, print them on card stock paper and either laminate them or […]

Easter Counting for Preschool Math

Easter Egg Counting for Pre-K

Try this Easter Counting Activity for your pre-k students to practice counting skills with stickers. Also, find more Easter Activities here. Prepare the Easter Counting Activity To prepare the activity, cut a large egg shape out of white construction paper. Use colored masking tape to make the dividing stripes across the egg. (I used light blue masking […]