Art with Seeds

During a study of plants, make a seed necklace. Cut out a circle from posterboard, punch a hole in the top, and tie a length of yarn to the hole. Children glue a variety of seeds to make a mosaic necklace.


  1. Elisabeth Calder says

    I am a Pre-K teacher in Switzerland, and just discovered your site!
    I am impressed by the quality of the activities proposed and the layout of the site in general. It is very helpful!
    Thank you !!
    Kindest regards

  2. Rubiah says

    I am working with very young children with special needs from Singapore.
    Love yr site and ideas. It is very helpful.

  3. Alecia says

    Hi, came across your site looking for ideas for ages 3, 4, 5 for Sunday School. I go to an international church in Germany. The lesson this week is God made land and plants. I like the idea to make the seed necklace and might use it.

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