What to Do with Loose and Broken Parts

You know how sometimes you pull back a shelf and discover that game piece that went missing weeks ago? Or, just when you’ve put away all the little pieces to a manipulative set, you find one in the classroom and don’t want to drag out the whole thing for one piece?

What to do with lost pieces in the classroom

What about things that break and you’re too busy to fix them? Or, something breaks, but you can’t find the missing piece until months later?

Here’s a quick, simple tip for those loose parts and broken pieces you find in your classroom.

Just get a box, label it “Missing and Broken”, and keep it in a handy spot in your storage closet or on a shelf in the classroom. Anytime you come across a “missing” piece or broken item in the classroom, just toss it in the box. When you need it, you can get it out.

At the end of the year, look through your box. Throw away the things you know you won’t need or can’t fix. Or, fix the ones you can. Round up the little pieces that need to be sorted and put back in a game or manipulative set. This saves a lot of time during the year when you have lots of little ones needing your attention.

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What to do with missing and broken pieces
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