Valentine Mailbags

There are lots of ways to make mailbags and mailboxes to hold class Valentine cards. Here’s a simple way that uses file folders.

File Folder Valentine Mailbag

Today’s post is written by Bren, a contributor to PreKinders.

Materials Needed:

  • File folders
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn (About 2 ½  ft per child)
  • Materials for decorating

lace the sides with yarn


Using the hole punch, make holes across the bottom and along both sides of the file folder (using a 3 hole-punch is easier and faster).

decorate mailbag with markers

How to Make the Valentine Mailbag:

Have the children lace up the 3 sides.  It is helpful if you wrap the end of the yarn with masking tape or use a plastic needle.  Use a piece of yarn to make a handle.

Let the children decorate their mailbag with markers, dot paint, construction paper hearts, stickers, etc.

Very simple and inexpensive!

decorate the mailbag with paper hearts

completed valentine mailbag



  1. veronica says

    So easy for me. I give The Lord all the glory for you and Karen.Your ideas are a great help to someone who is not creative.Thank you

  2. Maria says

    they look nice and easy to make. I use empty cereal boxes that we wrap in paper and then we give the children cut out hearts in many colors, a piece of yarn for the handle.
    Happy St. Valentine’s Day

  3. Beth McCallister says

    Thanks for letting us know what you have at TPT. It’s good to know what is available that is high quality. Since I have seen such great quality stuff on your Pre-K site I know your TPT stuff must be great! Thanks!

  4. Kelly says

    Love this idea! Will file it for next year :). Our kids brought in shoe boxes and we wrapped them in bulletin paper and the kids will decorate them!

  5. says

    Hi Karen, love the valentines ideas the kids loved the little mailboxes they were great. I was also wondering if you had any ideas for Dr. Seuss it is coming up? Could you possibly make a roll and cover game or even a grid game. I was also looking for another play dough mat for March. Thank you !! Emma

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