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Hope everyone had a happy New Year! Can you believe we’re in our second half of the school year? Hope you’re all done with your mid-year assessments and parent conferences.

Last year about this time, I created a little survey to see what teachers would like to see on the site in the coming year. I still have some of those ideas on my to-do list for 2014, but many of the requests you asked for last year were posted to the site!

I’ve also created a short 2014 survey if you would like ask for something or tell me what you want to see more of. Be as specific or as general as you like. Click here to access the survey. (It’s completely anonymous.)

Here are the things you asked for in 2013. You can also find all of the posts for 2013 by going here:

You asked for more Math activities:

Christmas Estimation

More and Less Dice Game

Sandwich Shop Math Fun

Teach Math with Photos

Water and Sand (Volume) Estimation

I Have, Who Has Numbers Game

You asked for more Science Center activities and experiments:

Illuminated Discovery Bottles

Tissue Box Science

Science with Ramps

Snow Science (with Recording Sheet)

You asked for more Phonological Awareness & Literacy activities:

iPad Sounds Game

Teach Syllables with Children’s Photos

Pete the Cat Book-tivity

Story Elements

Author Posters

Roll and Write Games (a whole collection of them… and more to come)

You asked for more Picture-Word Cards:

I added 6 new Picture-Word Cards sets to the collection.

You asked for more Play Dough Math Mats:

I added 4 more Play Dough Mats to the collection.

2014 Reader’s Survey


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    Great recap! As the owner of a preschool, sometimes it’s difficult to find the exact time to come up with innovative lesson plans. Thanks for sharing all these tremendous resources!

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