Noah’s Ark: Animal Flip Book

Have children make this Animal Flip Book after learning the story of Noah’s Ark to incorporate some math skills into your day.

To make the flip book, you will need a piece of construction paper (the “regular” size: 9×12). Fold it in half longwise (a hot dog fold). With the paper still folded in half, fold it again and one more time to make the four sections on the paper. Cut the four flaps along your fold lines up to the long fold in the middle. Don’t cut past the long fold in the middle. If this is confusing, use the photos below to see how to make it.

number flip book

Write numerals 1-4, with one number on each flap.

Have children count out the correct number of animals to stick under each flap to make the Number Flip Book. You could use animal stickers or animal stamps.

number flip book

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