My Top 10 Blogs 2010

Blogs are a great way to keep up with new ideas from fellow Pre-K teachers. I subscribe to several blogs: blogs about Preschool, craft blogs, photography blogs, news blogs, blogs about blogging. Having several subscriptions can be overwhelming, and it isn’t possible to read everything posted by everyone. The trick is to pick and choose what you really want to read. If the headline does not appeal to you, skip it. If you subscribe to a blog, and later decide it’s not what you were looking for, delete it from your Reader.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite Preschool blogs, in no particular order.

“Standards Based Math Activities”– Great innovative math activities and printables. Some of these are for the Preschool level, some are adaptable to Preschool, and some are for older children. I tend to prefer sites that focus only on Pre-K, but this site is definitely worth my time.

My Montessori Journey
Even if you are not a Montessori teacher, you will appreciate these hands-on activities to use in your classroom centers. This teacher is so creative with “found materials”, and I love her holiday and seasonal themed educational activities.

Not Just Cute
Lots of great Preschool activities and articles, and they are more than just cute. This author believes there’s nothing wrong with “cute” activities, but that “cute” should not be an educational objective.

Pre-K Pages
Great ideas and activities for Pre-K from my friend and owner of the Pre-K Pages website, Vanessa Levin. (The blog is currently undergoing a makeover.) In the meantime, check out her No More Letter of the Week, Phonological Awareness, and Organizing Tips.

Preschool Daze
I love to see the photos of this teacher’s beautiful, huge classroom. It is Pre-K Teacher eye candy. Not only that, she has awesome ideas, and follows the interests of the children. This blog shows an excellent example of using print in the classroom (here’s another).

Teaching 2 & 3 Year Olds
A chronicle of days in my friend Sheryl’s Preschool classroom. You will find lots of wonderful, developmentally appropriate activities here. This is the kind of program you’d want your own child to be in.

The Exploration Station
A former biotechnology scientist posts great science activities that she does with her own children at home. These activities are well-written, with the materials you need, all the steps to take, and photos to illustrate.

The Wonder Years
Great activity ideas and resources from the author of The Exploration Station above.

Teach Preschool
Great articles and tips for Pre-K Teachers. This site would be particularly good for beginning Pre-K teachers, but there are lots of ideas for experienced teachers as well. Examples of articles: Teaching English language learners in preschool, Setting up your preschool classroom, Playdough in the preschool classroom, Extending music in the preschool classroom.

Teacher Tom
Well-written, insightful posts about a multi-age Preschool classroom. He’s a male Preschool teacher who wears a red superhero cape. What more can I say?

Thank you, Nellie Edge, for the Excellence in Kindergarten Literacy Award 2010.


  1. says

    You have a great list of blogs and a great way of describing what they are all about. I wasn’t familiar with all of the blogs you have highlighted and look forward to checking them out.

    I hope you have a wonderful new year and it is my pleasure getting to know you, learning from you, and sharing with you.


  2. says

    I LoVe My Montessori Journey (I’m Montessori teacher too) and The Wonder Years. Thanks for the other links. I’ll check them.

    I subscribe to your interesting blog too ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Happy Holidays!
    Hugs from Croatia

  3. says

    Oh, wow, thanks so much for adding my blogs to your list. I may not be as prolific on the The Wonder Years blog as I was last year, but I definitely am going to be making a lot of progress on the The Exploration Station blog this year. I’ll be writing posts for a variety of ages, from prek-8. Even if the little ones can’t do the experiments themselves, they make great demonstrations and I try to choose visually interesting experiments so they have something fun to watch.

  4. says

    I love reading your blog and all the comments from other readers and bloggers. Keep up the good work and visit anytime.

  5. says

    Great articles and tips for Pre-K Teachers.
    its a good for preschool children and to help each individual child enjoy learning in a safe and caring environment.

  6. Randy Robinson says

    Hi my name is Randy and this is my first year as a pre-k teacher. Your site was the first one I used to help develop my lessons and assessments. I continue to receive excellent information by reading the information from the other bloggers.

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    I really liked your blog,blogs are really great to interact with lots of people around the world.I was checking some gifts for my kids so thought with you all

  8. Melissa Snobl says

    Thank you for all of the great information on this list and your blog! I am just finishing my degree and will be student teaching in the fall. The information I have on your blog will be very useful to me as I begin my career!