HeidiSongs Review + Giveaway and Promo Code

Among my favorite music for classroom learning is HeidiSongs. Children love music and movement in the classroom, and I love to find music that also teaches the skills children need to know, such as math and literacy.

HeidiSongs Review + Giveaway

HeidiSongs has several CDs and DVDs that do just that: teach skills while children move and sing. The creator, Heidi, is also a real Kindergarten teacher, so her music is relevant to what young children enjoy and what they need to learn. (She also shares many ideas on her teaching blog!) Keep reading for a chance to win your own HeidiSongs product (plus there’s a promo code below).

I use the Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds DVD often in my Pre-K classroom. Prekinder kids learn better when music and movement is involved. As we all know, if they are sitting and inactive, it doesn’t take long before they stop listening and start playing. The Letters and Sounds DVD has two movement songs with the entire alphabet, “Alphabet Action” and “Sounds to Letters”. Then there’s 26 songs for each letter of the alphabet, so if you’re introducing a letter to the class, you could play the song for that letter. Each song teaches the formation of the letter. I’ve also used this DVD many times for rainy day recess so the children are still getting some of their energy out even though we have to stay inside.

Another thing I like about Heidi’s music is it truly is “singable”. I come across children’s music too often that is too complex for children to learn without hours of practice. These songs are simple, catchy, and easy to learn quickly.

Promo Code + Giveaway

To get 10% off any purchase in the HeidiSongs store, use promo code PK10. The code will last for one full week (ends 5/1/14).

Be sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win $20 in the HeidiSongs products of your choice.

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  1. Kathy says

    I love all the Heidi cds. I have used so many in my pre-k class. I think I really like numbers and shapes. I want the word families cd next or the dvd that combines just shapes and numbers and colors.

  2. Kathy I. says

    My students love the sight words songs as well as jumpin’ numbers and shakin’ shapes. I also use some of Heidi’s Counting Creatures worksheets and hidden CVC word worksheets. All of her products and great!

  3. Karen says

    Thank you Karen, for this give away! I love HeidiSongs and I use her Letter Sounds and Songs.

  4. Sara says

    I saw these for the first time while I was student teaching and I loved them. I am planning on purchasing them now that I know I will be teaching Pre-k next year. Super excited to use them with my kiddos!!!

  5. Jennifer Bodovsky says

    I love Heidi’s songs. We use them every day in my Pre Kindergarten classroom. On my wishlist is her classroom management DVD.

  6. Becki W says

    I haven’t actually used any of her items before but the letter dvd you describe would be an awesome supplement to help my children learn letter/sounds! Everything seems easier to learn when music/movement is involved! :-)

  7. L Green says

    My kinders love singing the 100 song. I pause every so often and we do something fun (stomp feet, jump, twist, touch or nose, etc) then resume counting.

  8. Allison says

    I’ve been talking about her for a year now!! I teach 3 year olds in a magnet school. Her alphabet songs (how to form them) has been in my wish list for a while now!! Thanks for be giveaways!!

  9. says

    I’ve never seen these before, but, WOW! I love this idea…because it’s so like me! No coincidence that we share the same name, I guess. I home schooled our son and now have a grandson that I am looking forward to some fun teaching times over the years! Any product would be greatly loved and used! I am going to check them ALL out soon. Thanks!

  10. tynetots says

    I just meet Heidi a few weeks ago. What a lovely person. The kids are loving the sight word DVD. I need to get more!

  11. Sarah says

    I have never used these but would love to try them the sing and spell sight words or jumping numbers sound like one my boys would love.

  12. Donna says

    I was just window shopping at Heidisongs this morning. I would love to win this giveaway and stretch my money even farther.

    Donna Williams

  13. Anna says

    I LOVE Heidi Songs Products. I have three of her sight word DVD’s and my students LOVE them!!! I would love to purchase more of her products because they are super effective. I’d love to win!

  14. Sara says

    My kiddos LOVE the color songs from HeidiSongs…it really helps them learn how the words are spelled!

  15. Sue Hills says

    I have not used any of her products but the Letter and Sound dvd sounds like it would be great to use in our PreK classroom. Thanks for offering this!!

  16. Hannah says

    What a GREAT way to teach so many different learning skills! All of these CD’s and DVD’s are incredible! If I had to choose just one I’d have to say that I’ve been eyeing Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes. I’m teaching preschool for the first time next year and would love to implement HeidiSongs as a fun and engaging way to learn!

  17. Tammy says

    I would love to have the letters DVD & CD to help introduce the letters and sounds to my 4 year old!

  18. MaryAnne says

    I love skills and movement CDs and DVDs … I’d not heard of Heidi’s before … I found the samples delightful

  19. Angela McEachern says

    Our Pre-K team was introduced to Heidi’s products last year at a conference and were truly impressed. We would
    LOVE to have these to use in our classrooms! We all have favorites but my favorites are the letters and sounds.

  20. Suzette says

    I used Heidi Songs Letters/Sounds with last year’s Pre-K class and their kindergarten readiness rate as a whole improved by eleven percentage points compared to the previous year’s class. I was pleasantly surprised.
    Her DVD’s are a staple in my class. Rarely a week goes by that I don’t use them. I recently purchased her revised Colors and Shapes DVD. She uses professional performers and amazing animated art to enhance the content. My Pre-Kers beg for it! I’m waiting to see if she comes out with more “updated” DVD’s because I will be the first in line to buy them.

  21. A Wright says

    This is the first time I have heard of Heidi Songs…I would love to have the Preschool Complete Classroom Combo. This looks like something that would be a huge help for my classroom. Many of my students struggle with literacy and math.

  22. Julie B. says

    The letters and sounds and numbers and shapes DVD s are wonderful. All my 4’s learned their numbers, shapes, letters and sounds thanks to these DVD s. Worth every penny!

  23. Donna says

    I love and use Musical Math and Colors and Shapes with Pre-K and K students. Great fun with much successs! I would enjoy trying any and all other products from Heidi Songs! Thanks for sharing;)

  24. Susan says

    I would love to use Heidi’s songs in my classroom! It would make teaching the alphbet fun and a little easier!!

  25. Leslie says

    I love the Singable songs for Letters and Sounds CD. I use it in my preschool classroom. Would love to have the numbers and shapes CDs for my classroom!!!

  26. Michele Seaser says

    I would love to use the Musical Math CD and the Musical Shapes and Colors. They sound like great ways for the kids to learn.

  27. Kelly M says

    I would love any of the HeidiSongs DVDs! At the top of my wish list is the Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds DVD.

  28. Connie F says

    I think my preschoolers would love any of Heidi’s Songs. Don’t have any in my current classroom and would love to have any one. Reviews sound wonderful and want to learn more.

  29. Rebecca Schendel says

    I have always wanted to give your products a try! The other comments are giving me some great ideas of which products to try out first :)

  30. Chelsea P says

    I would love to try them all! They seem like they would fit well in my programming.

  31. johanna Cadoret says

    My class loves Heidi’s Sing & Spell DVD’s ! We have volume 1 and 2 and want to win #3. She keeps the fun in learning.

  32. C.D. says

    I would love any of the sight word products from Heidi. I have used the Letters & Sounds, as well as the shapes songs for a couple of years now. Her products are amazing! :)

  33. Renee Proctor says

    I love all of the Heidi Songs! My class loves them to. I would love to win the Circle Time CD

  34. Hannah says

    I had never heard of HeidiSongs before, but they sound wonderful and I would love to add some to our music (CD & DVD) collection!

  35. Heidi Cook says

    I just discovered Heidi Songs when I was searching for something to use with The Gingerbread Man. My students LOVE it! I can’t wait to try the DVDs I ordered afterwards. I want them all!

  36. Hilary says

    I would love to use the sight word cd volume one in my classroom for my kindergarteners!

  37. valerie Q says

    I have seen some of her stuff on youtube and think all of Heidi’s stuuf would help meet common core goals in a fun child friendly way.