Food Classification Printable

When I was plundering through the Target Dollar Spot recently, I came across these little erasers shaped like food, and decided to use them for a food classification activity.

Food Classification Activity

They have sets of fruit, vegetables, and desserts. I’m going to have children use the classification mat I made, and sort them according to which foods are healthy foods and which are unhealthy foods. This activity will be in our science center.

Food Classification Activity

Run right down to Target and get you some before they’re sold :). Just in case you don’t, I included some printable food pictures you can cut apart for sorting on the mats. I also made a mat for classifying Fruits and Vegetables.

Download: Food Classification Mats

Note: If you want to print the mats, but not the food pictures, just hit CTRL-P and in the next box you see, select the page numbers you want to print (on Windows).


  1. Amy says

    Bought them today because of your post! :-) My little one asked what the white vegetable is … I have no idea! Do you know what it is?

  2. Janet says

    Hi Karen– I got a lot of these last fall at the Dollar Tree. Also I saw some in the “clearance area” at Office Max last fall. I am so glad to have the classification mats! But I agree, you WILL HAVE to glue them. Mine fell apart as I opened the packages.

  3. Phyllis says

    I laminated both mats and bought all the erasers at Target. The children played with them yesterday and had fun with them too.

  4. says

    I awarded you the Liebster Award! Thank you for your dedication to the field of early childhood education!

    Check out my blog for details…


  5. Wathsala Aluthge says

    I love your idea. i already got them here in Qatar in a stationary ship. I am going to do it now since my current topic is Healthy eating. I used to give these out every Thursday to the person how was
    eating healthy for the whole week as a reward along with a Healthy eating certificate.

    Thanks for this lovely idea. I will try it now.

  6. LaTonya says

    Hey, ladies
    just wanted to let you all know that these are sold in AC Moore as well in the kids section for $1.00 and you can really score if you use the 20% off purchase coupon. Happy Shopping!

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