End of Year Gift

end of year gift kids

End of Year Gift

Since tomorrow is our last day of school (!), I’m busy putting together End-of-Year Gifts for the kids.

I found these cute craft kits at Michaels. The kits have wooden beads with cord to make a necklace. They had all kinds of kits for boys and girls & they were $0.99 each. Then I bought Miracle Bubbles at Walmart: 8 for $4.00, and the jungle cups at Dollar Tree. Anyway, just an idea I thought I’d pass along.

Since our last day of school only lasts 2 hours, we are making mini pizzas with English muffins, pizza sauce, & mozarella cheese. We’ll have brownies for dessert. Then, we’ll have popcorn & a movie.

I will be officially on Summer Break next week, & I am planning to add some new things to the website this summer, so stay tuned!


  1. says

    You lucky duck! We don’t get out until June 5th this year :( I didn’t miss the classroom hardly at all this year until the very end, I love the end-of-year celebrations and seeing all that the kids have accomplished! I saw the big $1 sand pails at Michaels this weekend and I soooo wanted to buy 22 of them to use as end of year gifts for the kids :) But I’m doing end of year gifts for the teachers instead, which is just as much fun because teachers get excited about little things just like the kids do.

  2. Beverly says

    Thanks sooo much for all the great ideas. I do the creative curriculum and I run out of ideas sometimes.Without this website, I don’t know how I would make it.

  3. Annie Lewis says

    I just wanted to thank you for the free printables that have tremendously helped me and others this year in school. Thanks and may God send many blessings your way!

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