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My friend, Vanessa, over at Pre-K Pages has created some great printables for Dramatic Play centers. I have all of her sets and they really make life easier when it comes to changing out the dramatic play area. The signs and labels also incorporate literacy and writing into the center. Next week, we will have a post office in our dramatic play area in my classroom. We still have a kitchen, but I have an additional area set up for a second dramatic play area or a prop box.

Here’s how you can get a set of these dramatic play printables. Head over to Pre-K Pages Dramatic Play Printables  and check out the bakery, pizzeria, post office, and the new vet clinic set. All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter widget below, and leave a comment in the comment box, telling us which set you like best and why. Four people will be chosen to receive a set of their choice on Wednesday, February 22, 2012, and will be announced the next day. Be sure to enter by 11:59 EST on 2/22.

*** Update *** The winners have been announced. See below.

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  1. Lauri Daniels says

    Wow, all of those are so creative. I think for me, the Pizza Parlor looks like fun for my grand daughter. Bakery looks very similar, so these two are a toss up. Last weekend at the Park, she was pretending to be working at a fast food counter and taking orders. These will continue with her pretend play.

  2. says

    These are all cute … but I really like the Pet Clinic (Vet) … it’s different and I can really see the kids getting into that type of pretend play using stuffed animals. :-)

  3. Shelley Ramage says

    The Vet Clinic would be tons of fun. Anatomy lessons, fine motor skills (tying bandages, etc.), caring for little things would be great for them:)

  4. Cali says

    These are precious! I love having new things to put in the dramatic play center. I think the pizza parlor one is my favorite. The only restaurant in my school’s town is a pizza place, so I think they would love it!

  5. Sarah says

    I love the vet clinic play centre. So many children do not have pets at home and this is a great way to teach them to care for others. I’ll be taking in some new baby chicks, the hen and rooster during the time we use these. I have also set up a small tank with tadpoles from my pond.

  6. Marcia says

    I love the “vet clinic”! I have a classroom of ALL BOYS this year (lucky, I guess!!) and they’d love this! Thanks for the great ideas!!

  7. Jan says

    Definitely the Vet play center! We’ve been talking about our pets. I never thought of using the Vet idea for a center, so I could try something new.

  8. Kelly M says

    I love the Vet Clinic set. My students this year love to pretend they are cats and dogs during play time. I believe they would enjoy a vet clinic dramatic play area tremendously!

  9. BARENDA says

    I have used the post office and bakery, but have never tried the vet yet. It looks interesting, especially for the boys who are reluctant to enter into more “girly” DP centers.

  10. Stacey says

    I like all of them! If I had to choose, I would choose the veterinarian set. I was just looking for some doctor’s office printables today.

  11. says

    The Pet Clinic is my favorite as my students really like playing vet. I have a little vet set that I bought last year and the children do not get tired of it. The Pet Clinic printable set would be perfect to make a nice Vet Clinic center in my classroom along with what I have. I am also thinking of adding more stuffed animals to the vet center.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Amelia Mello

  12. Debbie says

    I have done similar areas in my classroom…vet clinic, pizza parlor, sandwich shop. My pre-k’s are so excited when a new center opens. I have not had a post office so that would be my favorite..love it!

  13. Stephanie says

    I love them all, but would have to say that the post office would make a nice addition to my classroom right this minute!

  14. Gayl says

    I think ALL of these play sets are adorable, but the Post Office would be perfect with my upcoming theme of Community Workers.

  15. Kelly says

    My kids have been so excited about the Pizzeria since I began getting it ready for our “Grand Opening” on Monday. Since we have several pizza places in our town I think that they are going to enjoy having one in our classroom!

  16. jennifer says

    My absolute favorite is the post office. I love the amount of writing opportunities with that one and who doesn’t love to get mail?

  17. Mona says

    I love the bakery set of props! i actually watched a video recently of a teacher that arranged her dramatic play center into a bakery and used these props! Builds literacy, math, and social understanding!

  18. Kristen says

    I love them all!!! Any of them would look great in my dramatic play area. The bakery looks so fun!! My class would love all of these!!!!

  19. Leanne says

    I’d love the post office one (and the grocery store one!), mostly because those are places that my kids would easily connect with real life.

  20. says

    They’re all adorable but I would have to go for the Vet’s Office as many children don’t have pets so this is a great way for them to care for them and tap into their nurturing side (boys as well as girls). Love that all these sets incorporate literacy, math, and writing opportunities, haven’t seen them before. Brilliant!

  21. Beth Jones says

    My 4 year old daughter has so many pretend play sets with lots of pink and purple outfits to go along with it (pink aprons for bakery, etc.)….I love the pizzeria for my 2 younger boys since they have red and white aprons :)

  22. Diane Bode says

    These are really cute. I think I like the Bakery. I have fond memories of a hometown bakery from my childhood, it just rings a bell with me.

  23. Becki W says

    i like the post office set! i just found a little mailbox and a mail bag at a thrift store and was thinking about setting up a post office in my room and this would be perfect! thanks for posting about this! (they are all awesome of course!) :)

  24. Nancy says

    I think all of these dramatic play printables are wonderful. I think I would really enjoy my kids using the pizza printable. I can hear the conversations over what they want on the pizzas. I can see them pretending to roll, make, bake and serve the pizza. I can see all of them being used during the community helpers units.

  25. susy says

    I love them all, but the pizza parlor is my favorite! I’m a preschool teacher and my students LOVE eating pizza. Having a pizza parlor in my dramatic play area would be a big hit and it will encourage pretend play skills and social/communication skills. Thank you for the idea!

  26. Deb says

    I also like them all, and it is hard to pick, but i like the vet clinic because I like animals and I want the kids I babysit to appreciate them and take proper care with them.

  27. Sharon Kristoff says

    I would love to win the Bakery set for my two pre-schoolers. They LOVE to play bake shop and this would be the perfect addition!

  28. Kristin says

    All of these have fantastic and items that can be easily made or obtained. I really like the pizza parlor because not only is it fun and creative for the children, but they can learn so much while having fun! It is a very open-ended set that we can add to, such as aprons and playdough so they can roll their own pretend pizza dough. They can also learn to compare sizes and learn beginning geometry, all in a play-based learning center. We have a couple telephones in our dramatic play that are my Pre-K class’s favorite items, and I can just see them now calling in orders and making deliveries. :)

  29. Augusta says

    I really like them all BUT I would have to go with the Bakery set! It’s so cute and bakeries seem to be the ‘in’ thing these days. AND we now have a new doughnut shop across the road from our school.

  30. maria walker says

    I love the Vet Clinic set. The children love to pretend they are cats this year during play time. We set up a vet clinic in dramatic play area- these would be great additions!

  31. Bethany says

    I like the Vet Clinic the best. It’s unique and offers the kids something to do with all of those stuffed animals!

  32. helana c says

    It’s a toss up between post office and vet clinic, hmmm I think the Vet because the children love pets and have instinctively nurturing attributes and I would love to exspand on them.

  33. Lisa C. says

    I adore them all!! If I had to choose one, it would be the Post Office kit. I love the board of pockets of idea; I always run out of room, but this is perfect. Thanks!!

    • says

      Hi! The dramatic play printables can be purchased on Pre-K Pages by Vanessa Levin (I don’t have them on this site). Go to this link at Pre-K Pages & you will be able to get them there. Thanks!

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