Classroom Carpet Giveaway

Classroom Carpet Giveaway!

Kid Carpet has generously offered a classroom carpet to one winner in honor of PreKinders’ 10th birthday celebration! The winner will be able to choose a 6′ x 8’6″ size carpet from the Factory Direct category (or a 4′ x 6′ if they prefer). The classroom rug will be shipped to an address within the contiguous United States.

Kid Carpet have their own carpet mill and their carpet and rugs are made in the USA. Read more information about the company:

“ was the first store to specialize in kids’ rugs and classroom rugs. We are also the only store on the planet that has our own carpet mill, so we can offer huge savings. We even offer a 7 Day delivery guarantee on select products, which is unbeatable when facing the “back to school” time crunch! was founded in 2000 when I realized that the internet would provide a much more efficient way to market and sell kids’ rugs. At the time, the school supply industry’s average retail price on the approximate 8’ x 12’ size rug was about $500. By utilizing the advertising, sales and distribution savings of the internet, we were able to cut that price down to about $350 or $400 for many years. Now, with the addition of our own carpet mill, we have been able to eliminate the “middle men” in the industry and reduce the price on our Factory Direct rugs down to $279.99 (with Free Shipping) for the popular 8’ x 12’ classroom size rug. We have blazed the trail in saving the education system of the United States (as well as moms everywhere) literally MILLIONS of dollars! And we are not finished yet. By continuing to grow our sales and build efficiencies into our rug production, we are going to continue to try to lower the prices even further. The number of designs that we offer will be going up, but our prices will be going down!”


  • First entry: Enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter below. Leave a comment below to tell which carpet is your favorite.
  • Additional entries include: pin it to win it or tweet the giveaway.
  • Entries are only valid if you enter with the Rafflecopter.
  • If you are a winner, you will be notified by email and you have 5 days to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
  • If you win, you must provide a shipping address in the contiguous U.S.
  • Giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

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  1. Jenny H. says

    I love the 3rd one with the bright colors and the little children on the edge of the run! It would be super cute in my classroom!!!

  2. kim meadows says

    I like the one with the squares. helps my kiddos know where to sit without too much trouble

  3. Jennie Oosterhouse says

    I like all the rugs! I love the squares because each kids have their own spot. I love the alphabet and shapes too. They are all great!

  4. Lorna miller says

    They are all beautiful and I would be happy to have any of them. I think the rug with the different color squares would fit in my classroom perfectly for group time. I could put an end to the rubber mats that get so dirty!

  5. Vicky Petrovich says

    I really like the one with the shapes in the middle and the alphabet around the edge. This is awesome….

  6. Amanda says

    After looking at their website, I like the “Alphabet with Attitude” carpet. Looks like a great company. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Nicole Streeter says

    I love the Alpha Dots Circletime Rug! The alphabet provides individualized seating for each student. The oval shape allows all of us to sit in a way to interact and learn from each other. And the dots design just makes it fun!

  8. Mary Holmes says

    My favorite rug would have to be the caterpillar!! Thank you for all your great ideas you share. I visit your sight frequently, it is one of my favorites!!

  9. Carrie Baxter says

    My favorite rug is the Fish in the Sea rug, however the more practical one for my classroom would be the Rainbow Rug 30.

  10. Lori Crockett says

    I like the rug with the red, blue, green, and purple rows. It would be perfect for my classroom!

  11. Ali Williams says

    I like the ABC Rainbow Seating design. It gives students personal boundaries and can be used to practice the alphabet!

  12. Natasha says

    I like the ABC Rainbow rug with the squares. Then everyone can sit in their own square, and no one is in anyone else’s space.

  13. Ann Harmon says

    I love the one with the caterpillar. It is awesome and reminds me of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

  14. Stacy Perlysky says

    I like the one that has the plain colors in the middle. I think it leaves a lot to the imagination. I would use it our block area.

  15. Jaimie Kohl says

    The one with the colored squares is the most practical, but I really love the one with the ABC’s in the middle & the children on the border.

  16. Melissa says

    I would love to win the carpet with the letter in the middle, but any of them would be put to great use in my classroom.

  17. Juli Belk says

    I love the one with the shapes. I’m already planning games we could play with this carpet.

  18. Sharon Compton says

    Oh my this would be terrific! I was just writing up a “Donors Choose” request for a new classroom rug. The one in our room is at least 15 years old and very well used and tattered. I would love any of these carpets, as they are all beautiful! But, the one I will request through DC if I don’t win would be the numbered carpet. I assign my children numbers, and we use the numbers for lots of things. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  19. Lisa Vela says

    I need a carpet for my large Kindergarten class! I would love to win the carpet that has the rows of colored squares:)

  20. Angelica Siller says

    I totally love the carpet with the colored squares. It would be great to give student their own spot in the carpet during whole group time.

  21. Denni says

    I miss my kinder carpet! Last year was the first year in 20 years that I had to teach without one! New school=no carpet=sad teacher
    I love the one with the 24 squares!!

  22. Maureen says

    I love the letter and child carpet but I also like the caterpillar carpet. They both lend themselves to numerous activities.

  23. Julia N says

    My favorite KidCarpet is the ABC Rainbow seating. Love that the little ones know exactly where to sit :)

  24. Olivia Belding says

    I love the Earth Educational World Rug, I really try to tie real world learning into everything I teach.

    Thank you Karen, for all the work you put into your blog! You have really helped me grow as a pre-k teacher over the last 4 years since I discovered your page. Thank you truely!

  25. Amy says

    I love the friendship carpet rug with the children around the border! We have a child in a wheelchair who would love it! Thanks for the consideration!

  26. says

    What a fantastic giveaway!! I have been wanting a classroom rug for 10 years!! I love the Alpha Dots Circletime ABC Rug (MEU080011650628).

  27. natasha says

    My favourite is the one with the squares cause its good way to teach my kindies personal space :)

  28. Trisha says

    I love the carpet with the caterpillar because it has numbers AND letters for fun games. Plus it’s so stinkin cute!

  29. Debbie @ says

    I really like the Around Town Road Rug With Alphabet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Donna Newdiger says

    I like the carpet with the letters best because it would have so many opportunities for fun and active learning activities!!

  31. Rachel Garcia says

    All the carpets are nice and colorful, BUT my favorite is the blue one with the kids and letters on it.

  32. Amanda says

    I love the one with all the squares in the middle. My co teacher and i have been looking for a carpet that has that style inside because the one we have does not work with 20 children. You could graph with it .. play math games .. bean bag toss…. i could do a lot with this carpet

  33. Tina Pender says

    Wow…how awesome it would be for my class to win this. All the carpets are beautiful and I would accept any of them. But the carpet that has the divided squares would be great for the Math potential it would offer.

  34. Jaidy Lopez says

    My favorite carpet is the caterpillar with the apple! It goes perfectly with my caterpillars to butterflies theme, not to mention it has both numbers and letters for fun games <3

  35. Theresa says

    I LOVE the one with the children around the border. :) This would be perfect for my Moms’ Morning Out!

  36. Tamara Hanna says

    My favorite carpet is the one that has the children surrounding the Alphabet. It is so cute and would look great in our classroom!

  37. Stacy Sauer says

    I love the shape and alphabet carpet. We could play so many games to learn about shapes, letters and colors.

  38. April McGirr says

    I like the third option, with the kids around the outside and the ABC’s in the middle. I would live to win, I need something for my reading area!!

  39. Jenny says

    I like the Friends Together Friendship Rug! We are always working on being nice to each other and accepting everyone!

  40. Carol says

    I love the one with the primary color squares! I would love any of these, we had some water damage in our classroom and we want so badly to have all the carpet removed and put down flooring and one of these beautiful rugs.

  41. Julie says

    I like them all but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the one with the children around the edge.

  42. Suzflee says

    Your selection is amazing. I would love to have the ocean themed rug because we live near the beach and I call my children my “fish”!

  43. says

    I love the multi cultural children border carpet.So many things to incorporate it into throughout a school year! What a blessing this would be!

  44. Rebecca says

    I love the one with shapes. That would be awesome for my class with students with special needs!

  45. Jennifer says

    Love them all but my favorite is the one with shapes on the inside, letters on the outside. I teach 2 year olds and it would be perfect!

  46. Brandi says

    I love the one with all the different little kids and the alphabet floating in the middle. They are all so cute!

  47. Temple Richardson says

    I like the animal theme rug, but they are all so cute, perfect for any classroom!

  48. Nicolette says

    My favorite carpet is the carpet with the colored block seating. It’s perfect for my self-contained special ed students who need a visual reminder of their own space AND it’s bright and cheerful without being too distracting or overstimulating.

  49. says

    I LOVE the rug with all the children around the edge! It is perfect for our classroom. Great idea and Happy 10th Anniversary Pre-Kinders! Thanks for all the amazing ideas :)

  50. Robin says

    I love the one with the primary color squares. I have 22 kids in my class and would love to have one big enough for everyone to have a spot to sit.

  51. Meredith says

    My favorite of the carpets would have to be the shape carpet! It is perfect for my three year olds still working with their recognition. So many games and activities can be created using this carpet to make learning fun!

  52. Rachel Sheehan says

    I think the Caterpillar is adorable, but the shapes would be be more educational. So I would choose the letters & shapes for my room.

  53. Pia says

    The favourite one is the carpet with letters and the multicultural children boarder. I could use it in many ways as I’m teaching my class.

  54. Kristy says

    I love them all. The caterpillar is probably my favorite though. Thank you for PreKinders for all your terrific ideas over the years, and thank you Kids Carpet for donating a carpet.

  55. Linda says

    I like the one with the children around the edge. So many possibilities of activities you could do with it! besides just Circle Time!

  56. Jennifer says

    I love the carpet with the kids around the border….so fun and colorful!!! Shows how we are all different, but special just the same!!! It would be fun to play an ABC game in the center too!!!!

  57. Karen says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one these amazing rugs! The Friends Together Friendship rug is my absolute favorite!

  58. Amber says

    I love them all! Since we could only choose one, I would choose the alphabet carpet. This would be perfect for my kindergarten classroom. My students would love to play games with and on the carpet! Plus it would brighten up my room. =)

  59. Becky White says

    I love all 3 carpets and actually would take anyone offered but If i had to choose one it would be the alpahbet letters. I can think of so many games we could play on that carpet! Great circle time rug!!

  60. Becky says

    I love all of the rugs but my favorite is the one with the colored blocks. It helps the students know exactly which area is their’s.

  61. Stephanie McClung says

    These rugs are great and so are your prices. We would love to have rugs at our preschool and I will be talking to our director now that I found some that may be affordable! I really like the “Colorful Shapes Rug with Bright Colors.” Thanks!

  62. Jill says

    The alphabet grid carpet is my favorite. I like how there are two different seating options and everyone has their own space.

  63. Kathy says

    What a wonderful contest. I love the one with the squares. It would give everyone a specific spot to sit at during circle time and a space to stay in.

  64. Moria Mattox says

    I would love the Turtle Circle Time Rug! My theme is turtles. I have a real turtle and many stuffed turtles in my kindergarten classroom. This rug would fit perfectly with the theme!

  65. Megan says

    I would love to have the rug with the children on the border and the ABC’S in the center. I see my kids jumping around to find the next letter!

  66. Cheryl W. says

    The caterpillar carpet is so cute and would look so nice with my classroom Eric Carle theme. Congrats on 10 years!

  67. Barbara says

    What a great contest. They are all great, but I would pick the color squared one or the one with the letters/children on it. Thanks.

  68. Sydney Silipo says

    I love all of the rugs but, my favorite would have to be the alphabet rug. I love to have my students have their own spot (letter) to sit on during circle time.

  69. Sue says

    I like the rainbow carpet…it would really help define “personal space”. What a great give away!! It’s great to know about this company. Their prices are so reasonable. Happy Anniversary!! :)

  70. Alicia says

    We like the fourth one. The one with the colored lines across it. After using it for sitting time, and reading time, we will use it for fun math games and races! LOVE IT!!!!

  71. Susan Pettit says

    I would be so happy to actually win one of these beautiful rugs. I am being moved to another grade level this year and can’t take my kindergarten carpet with me. I’d love to have the shapes rug. Thanks for the chance :)

  72. Stacey says

    My kids would really enjoy the Turtle Circle Time Rug! It would definitely help them stay put in their own spot :) Thank you for this great opportunity!

  73. Cheryl says

    I really like the “silly seats” kid rug! You have awesome rugs! How can someone pick a favorite they are all so bright and fun!

  74. Iliana says

    They are all fantastic!! Any of these would look great in my PK classroom! I would love to have the rainbow looking one with squares.

  75. Linda says

    I would LOVE to be the proud owner of the color squares carpet for my students to use! Thanks for your generous donation!

  76. Ellen C. says

    What a neat giveaway!! The rug I like best is the one with the shapes and the alphabet border. It would be perfect for circle time!

  77. Karen B. says

    What a blessing this would be! The alphabet with Multicultural children is my favorite…tonight!

    • Erin says

      I like the ABC Rainbow rug. I teach Kindergarten so this is a great way to begin teaching letters starting the first day of school. I also like the individual squares for the children to sit it. It’ll let each child have their own space which is great for those kids who seem to have very active bodies and want to move all over during carpet time.

  78. Mary Ellen Moore says

    I like the ABC rainbow seating rug because I can have them sit on a letter if I need them to sit in a circle or I can have them sit on the color squares if I want them to listen to a story. Great Rug!!!

  79. Joani Enfield says

    I like the alphabet border with the different colored squares inside for the kids to sit on.

  80. Stacey says

    I would love the colour graphing rug. What a fantastic give away! Would be extremely excited to add one of these rugs to my classroom.

  81. Nancy Stoll says

    They are all so colorful and cute! It is hard to decide, but I think I like the one with the alphabet letters on the outside and the shapes in the middle. These rugs are a great way to brighten up a room.

  82. Robin K. Atwood says

    I really like the Alphabet with an attitude rug. I am always looking for a ways that children can associate letters and sounds. Thank you for the give aways!

  83. Andrea says

    I like the shape rug. The children can sit on a shape in the middle or on a square shape lining the outside.

  84. Becki says

    I like any of the Earth Tone rugs. I tend to keep away from bright primary colors in my room as I find them very stimulating for the children (I like the bright colors to come from the children’s artwork instead). I especially like the Patchwork Rug and the Colorful Shapes Rug both in earth tone colors!

  85. Catherine says

    My favorite Classroom Carpet by is the Classroom Seating Rug With 24 Squares BRIGHT, because each student’s individual space is clearly defined.

  86. Melinda Fant says

    I love the Alphabet and Numbers Teaching Toddler Rug. There are so many ways to incorporate the rug into my morning meeting! Letter recognition, before and after with numbers, one to one correspondence counting The possibilities are endless!

  87. Heather says

    There are so many I like! The one I would probably choose for my classroom would be the ABC rainbow seating.

  88. Deyanira Barraza says

    I like the spanish rug..this is great for kids when teaching them. In our school we teach them spanish words and sign language and parents are happy..having a spanish rug for our toddler class will be excellent because they are eager to learn and they love to get introduced to different learning activities.

  89. tanya says

    i love the shapes we can use it for matching ,bean bag toss or music freeze….the kids will love it

  90. Jamessa Williams says

    I really like the shapes and the alphabet one :) Thank you for this great giveaway and congratulations on 10 years! Wahoo!

  91. Shelley Hoster says

    I like the one that has the colored squares inside…it guides children to sit in rows and u can call them by color groups. It also defines space for them

  92. Amy Smith says

    I love the Turtle Circle Time rug. It would be perfect for my classroom, since we are the Terrific Turtles! What an awesome giveaway!!

  93. Heidi says

    I would love one of the ABC seating rugs. The seating squares would also be awesome for on the spot graphing activities, too.

  94. Annie Light says

    I like the red apple with the worm on it! Those colors will brighten my classroom right up!

  95. Heidi Pisle says

    I would be torn between choosing between the shapes rug or the color squares. I think in the end I would choose the shapes. This would be fabulous for the fall!

  96. Melissa Hunt says

    I love the Friendship Rug with the letters in the middle. I can see lots of learning possibilities with that rug. Thank you for having this give away.

  97. Joanna Kohlbus says

    And my favorite are the color blocks carpet – (got so excited I forgot to mention this earlier)

  98. Lisa says

    What a fabulous prize! The carpet with the squares would be perfect for graphing! Congratulations on your 10th!

  99. Margo says

    I love the hoot hoot owl rug as next year my class will be the owls. Each of our classrooms has an animal theme!

  100. Susan says

    I think the rug with the kids all around the edge would be perfect for my Pre-kinder class. Gives them places to sit when we make a circle and then we can play the “find the letter” game using the letters in the middle of the rug!
    Hope I win!

  101. Dorie Z. says

    So hard to pick! I could do so many things with all of them but I
    think I would have to say I really like the rug with the squares.
    I would use it for many different activities and games from a counting
    game to a letter recognition and phonics game.
    Cross my fingers and hope to win!

  102. Cara Brandon says

    I love the color blocks carpet. Perfect for having students sit in “their square”.
    Thanks for the contents!!

  103. Nicole says

    The rug with the children around the edge is so cute. I’m starting my own daycare and would love to have this for my new beginning. Thank you for the fun giveaway.

  104. Rosie Chang says

    I love all the carpets! They offer some really adorable carpets! My classroom needs one desperately and we are using carpet squares at the moment. I would love to win the Lazy River Fish Rug. It has alphabets and numbers spread out nicely everywhere that I can see myself using during music and movement time as well as seating! So exciting, thanks for the contest!!

  105. Denise Behrends says

    Congratulations on your 10th!! You inspire so many teachers with you work and I love love love your materials! Preschool would have a blast playing games on the shape rug! Thanks so much for all that you do!

  106. Lynda says

    Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!!! What an accomplishment! I love and use your website often!!!! What an awesome giveaway! There are so many adorable rugs to choose from but I would pick the Alphabet and Phonics Reading Rug. Good luck to everyone!

  107. Cheryl Weinrich says

    I love the Patchwork ABC Rug but also the ABC Rainbow Seating Rug. It will be tough to decide if I win!!! Thanks so much!

  108. Debbie Duckworth says

    I love all of them! The carpet with the worm coming out of the apple is probably my favorite. It has numbers and the alphabet. The 6′x8’6″ is a good size. Wonderful site!

  109. cherie webb says

    I like the rug with the rows of different squares. It gives every child there own space.

  110. Jenn says

    So hard to decide! I am leaning towards the fish or days of the month carpet. Thank you for the raffle!

  111. Carol Molmer says

    I would love to have any one! The are so cute. If I had to choose, I like the one with the letters scattered in the middle. Thanks for this great offer!

  112. says

    The Alphabet Charlie Preschool Rug would be perfect for our classroom! Our current rug is a bit too small for our class size, which leads to poking and prodding during any large group activity. Thanks for the contest!

  113. Katy says

    Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway! I would love to have the bookworm rug or the colorful shapes rug.

  114. Laura Hughes says

    They’re all really cute carpets, and choosing one is no easy task, but if I were to pick my favorite, I guess I would say the alphabet one….but the shape one is really cute too!!!!

  115. Maggie says

    I love all of them and our classroom could definitely use a rug!! I think my two favorite are the one with the letters and the one with the squares (it would be great for graphing activities!)

  116. Karen Davis says

    love the bugs and alphabet rug! And love your page you Karen Cox have been a blessed resource for my school year! Thank you so much!

  117. Kristina H says

    So hard to pick! Those are some great rugs! I love the 2nd rug with shapes and letters! Thanks for sharing and for all your great giveaways! Happy 10 years!

  118. Kim says

    I love all the carpets but my favorite has the alphabet border and shapes center. I am currently using carpets squares, which work but require me to spread them out daily. I then use a student helper to collect them after circle time. The kids love being carpet collector however circle time would be more efficient with a carpet.

    I love your website and have found it very valuable. Thanks for all you do to make my life easier and my classroom better. Congratulations on 10 amazing years of resourcefulness!

  119. Amy says

    Wow this is a great give away. I personally love the Hoot Hoot rug, it would go great in my room. Congrats PreKinders on 10 years!

  120. Faith Johnson says

    I love the carpet with the solid colored squares. It can be used to reinforce color recognition, but it also gives kids a defined space to sit on.

  121. Jeannie says

    I love the animal squares rug! I have been wanting a carpet for my classroom for 3 years now!!!! PICK ME, PICK ME! :-)

  122. says

    I love the world rug. Having the world map to show where places are compaired to where our kiddos live is great (ex. where the pilgrims came from in England @ thanksgiving time) as well as the picutres of children from other areas would be great!
    I have been teaching early childhood age special needs children since 1990 and find your ideas fresh, creative, and very user friendly. Just when you think you know it all…

  123. Connie Barber says

    I like the one with the alphabet around the edges and the shapes in the middle. It has alot going for it.

  124. Patty Johnson says

    I am sure my kiddos will sit perfectly on the color block carpet :-) No reminders needed I am sure!

  125. Allison Gunter says

    I love the one with the colored squares. It would be great to give the kids a designated color square to sit on. I could also see it being useful for a lot of other activities. Not to mention, it’s super cute!!

  126. Louise Richards says

    I would love a semi-circle for my specialized Pre-k classroom, my 3, 4, & 5 year olds all need a front row seat!!!

  127. Louise Richards says

    I would one my specialized class of 3-5 yr olds really need this, I have to beg to get the really old one I have cleaned.

  128. Michelle says

    I love the one with the straight rows of color clocks. It makes for a neat and orderly center time with each child having their own space.

  129. Vanessa says

    Love the Blocks Seating Rug With 24 Squares. This rug will be a real good start for my Dual Immersion class that I’m going to start.

  130. Patty says

    My favorite is the one with the labeled shapes in the field of blue with the brightly colored border. Thanks for working to make beautiful carpets for the classroom that are affordable. : )

  131. Isabel Z says

    I love the one with the square in it. Each student could have his/her personal space and you could use it to graph. Love, love, love these. Thank you for the chance to win.

  132. Nicole says

    My favorite is the “Fun Rug with Patterned Squares.” It would work in a room with older students who are beyond the alphabet rug but it would still look cute.

  133. Marci Morris says

    Love all the bright colors in each of the carpets! Really love the shapes! Thanks for this great chance to win! :)

  134. vickie says

    So hard to decide. I love the colors and creativity of the rugs. I love the alpha dots circle time rug. Perfect for my Pre K class! I hope I win it for my room!!

  135. Beth Wood says

    Too cute! I think my favorite is the one with the children sitting on the outer edge and the alphabet in the middle.

  136. kim says

    I would love to have the colorful square rug. I sure miss having a meeting rug in my classroom this year!

  137. Jenny says

    I like the last one. They are all cute, but I’m all about each kid having an assigned square to sit in. I would love this!

  138. Dell Wood says

    What a great prize!!!! I love all these and it’s so hard to choose, but the colored squares would be great for keeping all my pre-k’ers in their own space!!! ;)

  139. Margarita Rivera says

    I love the one with colored say colored squares, this is how I assign small groups in my class.

  140. Sharon Bradshaw Washington says

    I like the rug with the different shapes!!!! I love your website. I use a lot of your ideas in the classroom with success. Thanks for sharing!

  141. Shasta Westaby says

    I like the Montessori rug, the blue with cream line. I believe rugs should accent the room and not take away from the toys and materials.

  142. Amanda McConnell says

    WOW!! There are so many good ones to chose from it is a tough decision… But I think my heart is going with the Learning on the Fly or the Kritters Nursery. I am moving into a newly painted/re modeled classroom and our colors are more of the pastles. My room is a soft lime green color, so I am trying to stay away from the bold primary colors!

  143. Mischa Owen says

    They are all so beautiful, but if I won i would probably pick the apple carpet. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this drawing!

  144. Megan Merkel says

    I like the carpet with the solid colored squares in the middle. It really helps with transitions and helping children follow circle time rules.

  145. says

    I really like something about each one, but if I have to choose one it is the inchworm! Love the font of the letters on the border and the numbers on the inchworm! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Have used your wonderful ideas and products for years. So glad to see you at TpT! :)

  146. Olivia says

    I was leaning towards Friends Forever rug, until I visited the site and scrolled down to the butterfly Learning on the Fly rug. Butterflies are my weakness!
    Thanks for offering this great giveaway. I found out about your giveaway on TpT.

  147. Lisa says

    I also like them all. So much easier than having to tape up my floor–and deal with little fingers pulling at the tape! I think I would choose the one with the shapes in the middle for shape identification, since it also has the letters on the outside for letter recognition, too.

  148. Lori Elliott says

    I love them all, but I am learning to be more practical, so…..I’d have to pick the one with the squares. My students do better when they can see their own personal space boundaries. Thanks for this opportunity ! :)

  149. Robyn says

    I love the rug with the children. Great multicultural and diversity addition to any classroom.

  150. Tracey M. says

    If I won I would choose the Map of the USA rug. There are so many games I could play to teach geography and map skills with it. This rug would help brighten up the schoolroom and the floor wouldn’t be so cold ( stained concrete). Thank u for the opportunity!

  151. Lee says

    I really want the Vroom Vroom rug. It would be great in the blocks and trucks interest area! We’re moving to a new building- I’m going to show these rugs to everyone!

  152. Mary Ellen Erwin says

    Wow! They are so pretty but my favorite is the one with the solid colored squares! Thanks for the opportunity.

  153. says

    I really like the shapes with Charlie area rug. It has all the basics from colors with written words, letters, shapes and numbers all on the same space. It is not cluttered or overly busy. It is bright and cheerful and just right.

  154. Tanya Craddick says

    If I could pick I would love the one with the colored squares. I love your website and have shared it with all my teacher friends! Thanks for all you do :)

  155. Casey Haen says

    I really like the carpet with all the letters in the middle and the children around the border. It helps with letter recognition, and it shows students how unique each child is. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  156. Heather Ballard says

    I LOVE the rug with the squares! I teach an inclusion Pre-K class, and this rug would be perfect for helping my students learn about personal space at carpet time!

  157. leah hoffman says

    It is so difficult to choose from the beautiful array of carpets but I would choose the caterpillar rug-I know the kids would too! Thank you for this generous offer.

  158. Catherine says

    I love these carpets! These carpets are beautiful and you can use them for the kids to sit on as well as use as a learning game! You can use them to make patterns, shape identification, color identification and so much more! They just add so much to the classroom! My favorite is the carpet with all of the shapes on the carpet! It is beatiful and it has a defined space for each kid to sit on!

  159. says

    My class would love to have the squares rug to use for Circle Time. My co-teacher and I have been talking about what kind of rug we need to have, and this is exactly what we are looking for!

  160. Marcia says

    What wonderful rugs…and a wonderful opportunity!!! They are all so colorful and fun and would be a great addition to any classroom! My favorite is the “Friends Together” rug, though the “Counting Hands” and “Alpha Dots” would be welcome additions to my room!!

  161. R G says

    So sweet. I like the Forest rug, or the Montessori, or the color block with numbers. They are all very nice and could be so useful.

  162. D W-Harrell says

    The multicultural alphabet carpet is my favorite! The colors, the children and the letters would lend to lots of fun and interesting activities for the students, other than just a great place to sit!!

  163. Eileen Allen says

    I really like the colorful shapes with the alpha border! So many possibilities for large motor or group activities! Thanks for letting us know about this company! So many more choices than the catalogue we usually use!

  164. Deb O'Dear says

    I would love any of them, but if I had to choose, I really like the apple with the inchworm. Beggers are not choosey! I would love to have any! I hope i win!

  165. Dawn says

    I love the one with the colored squares. It would be functional and it would create a cheerful looking meeting area in our classroom!

  166. Donna says

    I love them all:) If I had to choose it would be the blue one with the letters in the middle and the children all around! Thanks so much. I enjoy all the fun ideas shared on PreKinders. The word cards are so helpful and useful! Congrats to you. Keep up the amazing work. PRE-K teacher Rock!!

  167. Stacey says

    I like so many of the rugs, but I especially like the alphabet and numbers toddler teaching rug.

  168. says

    Since I am a first-year teacher next year and have 5th graders, I really like the Solid Light Blue Rug. It would be perfect for my blue and yellow classroom theme! :)


  169. Linda Joyce says

    Oh my, how fortuitous! I have just started looking for a rug for my Transitional Ks! I like the Turtle Circle Time rug. Hope it comes in 4′ x 6′.

  170. Amy Fullerton says

    The meeting rug sets the tone for the class. I would choose the colorful shapes rug in earth tone colors.

  171. lexie phillips says

    I have always wished for a giant colored square rug so everyone would have a clearly defined space, but I was browsing the site and saw a chairs rug that is really cute too. Everyone would have their own “chair” to sit on.

  172. Michele says

    AWESOME giveaway!!!! My fav has got to be the Kids Game Rug! That rug would be great for our Friday Fun Gameday!

  173. Bonnie Rohner says

    I loved all of the carpets! I think that the solid squares in the middle will work best in my classroom.

  174. Mary says

    I love the square tile carpet in rainbow colors! The separate colored seat would really help keep my kiddos in their places!

  175. Breanne says

    I love the shapes and ABC rug! It’s so bright and my students are in need of one for calendar time! Thanks for this opportunity!

  176. Crystal knisely says

    I like the colored square rug. This would be perfect for my prek classroom so they stay in their own space!

  177. Brenda Cassady says

    All three are absolutely awesome, but I believe I really like the carpet with the shapes in the middle and the alphabet around the border. Circle time would be so much fun with this rug and it would be a great teaching tool. A visual enhancement that would be priceless.

  178. says

    The carpets that I have seen are very nice. A brightly colored children’s carpet would be
    a wonderful addition to my program thanks for the chance to win.

  179. Hillary Mings says

    I like the Friends Together Friendship rug best! Children need a designated spot to sit to help manage behaviors. I would love one of Kidcarpet’s rugs for my classroom!

  180. Amanda says

    I had such a hard time choosing just one rug! I’m stuck between the frog rug (our class’ name is the Happy Hoppers), and the colorful shapes rug with EARTH TONE colors. Our walls are super bright green, so some earth tones would really help tone the walls down!

  181. traceg says

    I love the colour block squares. Great for helping with personal space bubbles and colour squares could be usecin so many ways…. “If you are sitting on a blue square……”

  182. rachelle says

    If I had the choice it would be the animal square rug. Besides using the rug for centers it can be used a visual aid.

  183. Allison VanLoon says

    I love the carpet with the squares. I’ve been using masking tape on the floor, and my class keeps picking it off.

  184. Kelly M says

    I love the carpet with the squares! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I win this one as our classroom desperately needs a new carpet!

  185. Jen says

    So hard to choose just one…but my favorite is the rug with the letters in the middle and the kids all around.

  186. Bette V says

    Would use it in my block center so the transportation one would be great. I’m not picky so any of them would be great.

  187. Mary Imperatore says

    May I have one of each? LOL I love the inchworm…reminds me of Eric Carle (I know it’s not a caterpillar…) Thank you!

  188. Kathy says

    The carpets are all very beautiful and colorful. However, the one I like the best is the one with the caterpillar and the apple. This carpet would be perfect for center time.

  189. Becki says

    I am opening a pre-k program next fall and will be starting from scratch. I think the structure that the 24 square carpet provides would be awesome for class meeting, literacy and any group activity!

  190. Alvina Toms says


  191. Deb Bahmer says

    I truly love I tell my families from Head Start that like using their computers. Many have enjoyed the grid games and vocabulary cards I have had in the classroom or taken to home visits. I am hooked on this website. It is my first stop for new ideas. :)

  192. Shirlanda M says

    I love the colorful shape rug. I am a first year teacher starting from scratch this coming Fall. This rug is beautiful and inspiring. I can see creative lessons on shapes, letter recognition, and teaching colors. This rug would experience small feet moving to music and circle time participation.


  193. says

    Would love to have the Colorful Shapes Rug With BRIGHT Colors (MEU080011650620). Expanding and adding another preschool room so this would be a beautiful addition to our childcare.
    Thanks so much.

  194. Rhonda Tatum says

    I love the colored square rug. This one would be best for my pre-k class. They would know which color to sit on during circle time.

  195. Chantele says

    I think my favorite rug would be the one with the shapes in the middle. There are so many fun activities to do with this rug!

  196. jennifer says

    They are all bright, colorful and beautiful. I think I would like the 24squares rug for carpet time.

  197. Amber says

    I would love the shapes and alphabet rug. I will be teaching Pre-K for the very first tiem next year. This is going to be a big change for me as I have been a special education teacher for the past 10 years teaching middle school and high school, but am ready for a new and exciting opportunity.

  198. Joan Howell says

    I love the rug with the alphabet border and shapes in the middle. This rug would be just the ticket to spruce up my classroom, to say nothing of all the learning possibilities it would give.

  199. Katie Francis says

    I love the carpets with the shapes or the one with the people around it! I am just staying to build my classroom!

  200. Heather says

    I love the shape rug because I could have the children stand on a shape which could be an assessment to see if they know their shapes or not. I also love that there is the alphabet around the perimeter of the rug, so that children can sit on the letters, while they learn them.

  201. Barbara Burgess says

    I would be tickled to win any, but I think I like the shapes carpet the best. It is so colorful!

  202. Gretchen says

    I would love any one of the rugs from Kid Carpet! I especially like the simple Montesorri rugs or any of the color transportation rugs. Our school is adding a pre-k next year and hired me to be the teacher:) We are starting from scratch in this classroom so winning one of these rugs would be a total blessing!!!

  203. Jen says

    LOVE the letter rug. I could do so much with that and my kiddos! I have some kdis who use wheelchairs and they would to get down and explore some more!

  204. Therese Wood says

    I have many favorites but I have two at this point that I feel are most functional for my class, the classroom seating rug with 30 squares bright and the games that teach rug. I like both because they help with cooperation games and also create personal space. Some of my little friends really need personal space for a fairly large class.

  205. cindy says

    I like the rainbow rug the best with the squares because it gives each student a space of their own.

  206. bianca tarantola says

    I love the block carpet because I can see the possibilities for making patterns in the different color rows. Which I think would be fun to find big manipulative objects (shoes, stuff animals, construction trucks, musical instruments, baby dolls, and other everyday preschool toys)for the children to sort and create their own patterns. I think it would be effective when have large group activities for personal space of each child to learn personal boundaries.

  207. Sharon Ford says

    I like the colored grid carpet as I could use it to divide my class, call by colored row and even use it as a graph.

  208. Melanie Pearson says

    So I tried to enter the rug contest, and it says I entered but I was unable to write in the comment spot what rug I would like best. It wouldn’t let me type in the box! So I’m hoping that I can make my choice here, since it says I have entered. I LOVE the rug with the kids around the outside border and the alphabet in the middle, too cute!!!!
    what an awesome contest for a fantastic website. Happy 10 year Birthday!!!

  209. says

    I would do well with the colorful carpet. The kids in my class would enjoyed sitting and listening to a story while i read it to them.

  210. Carol Greenberg says

    I work with twos and all the carpets are great. I would choose the shape one because we can play so many different games with it. Examples are identifying, matching, colors, Can you count how many circles, squares etc? It is endless!!!

  211. Kathy Snowden says

    All the rugs are cute and colorful, but I know the colored grid would be the most useful in my preK classroom! What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  212. Alice Browder says

    I have wanted the graphing rug for so long! It could be used in sooo many ways from group times to graphing to games to musical squares….love how adaptable it is to different uses.

  213. Ecwinnia says

    I like the colored grid carpet. I could get a lot of use with that one. Thanks to you and KidCarpet someone’s classroom will be very happy!!! Good luck to all.

  214. Patricia says

    My favorite would be the last one with the solid color blocks. I like to give the kids a color for there table to match the square on the rug.

  215. Claudia says

    My favorites are the rug with the caterpillar or the one with all the little children on it. They’re all so cute!

  216. nancy says

    I like the graphing carpet. Children in my science center would be able to use it to graph different items….

  217. Kathryn Morales says

    I like them all, but my favorite is the color grid carpet. I have so many ideas running through my head of how I could use it for sorting and graphing activities! :)

  218. Naima Elassa says

    All the rugs are beautiful, but I choose the one with the alphabets all around the perimeter

  219. Lisa Rios says

    I love the shapes carpet. My special needs kid do well with bright colors and big shapes.

  220. Sandy Gouak says

    My first choice is the SHAPES area rug. It provides great opportunities for my kiddos to learn their shapes through a variety of ways and games. They can be excused from Circle Time by calling their shape, or describing their shape, etc. Free Time allows chances to play games such as “Jump to the square” – fun, yet easy, ways for me to assess the kids while they are playing!

    From the website I also saw the Huff & Puff area rug – How cute would that be in a reading corner!!

  221. Donna Reed says

    I love the shape carpet. They are all so very cute and it was hard to choose just one. thank you for offering all the giveaways. I love PreKinders!!!

  222. Virginia Fisher says

    I like the picture framing the colored square grids because I can use it for when we take votes and other large group games.

  223. Deb says

    I never thought about using the rug for graphing. However, I love the rug with the shapes in the middle. It allows some many activities to do using shapes and letters.

  224. Karen Pfeifer says

    I love the inchworm rug. There are so many things ways in which we could use it!
    Thank you for offering this raffle. I love the PreKinders website!

  225. says

    I like the School of fish rug. It is unique and colorful without being too busy. I also like that it comes fromthe factory direct.

  226. debra woods moyers says

    I love them all! Any of these carpets would be a beautiful resource for teaching, not to mention the way rugs invite students to “jump into” the content area being taught. Thanks for the opportunity, if not the rug!

  227. Sandy Gouak says

    I really love the SHAPES area rug. It provides a fun way to assess the kiddos on what they know, while they think they are playing; you can also dimiss the kids from Circle Time by calling out a shape, and its another assessment opportunity! :)

  228. Mai says

    It’s so hard to choose which one I like best!. But if i have to choose one, i like the ABC rug best.

  229. Joy Boston says

    Love them all! But I have never seen The Hungry Caterpillar one and I like the ABCs on the edge. They could walk to it the different alphabet songs like Walking the Alphabet. I would love and be excited to have any! :-)

  230. says

    Graphing one is awesome. I can just imagine all the wonderful ways our children could learn doing group projects. We would also post winning photos of o.ur student using Kids Carpet for promotion of your product.

  231. Diane Massey says

    They are all fantastic and I would be happy with any. I think the shape one is perfect for me. Thank you!

  232. says

    All the rugs are amazing, I love the shapes/alphabet as it is so colorful and using for assesment would be fun and easy. But also love the jumbled letters..

  233. Melissa Kahmeyer says

    They are all so colorful! I like the shape one and the worm one the best! Thanks for your donation!

  234. Stacey Conroy-Ondusko says

    I love the carpet with all the shapes! That’s something we work on daily. I love the idea of placing the carpet in my block area so the kids can park their cars or build with blocks on all the different shapes.

  235. Teresa says

    The shapes rug is colorful and fun. We always start the year with shapes so this would be a nice circle time effort to have them name shapes on our rug.

  236. Patty Horvath says

    They are all great. I think I like the caterpillar ABC the best. Any rug would be nice in my class of pre-k kids.

  237. Trudy Hendrickson says

    All of the carpets are wonderful! So colorful and someone took the time to not only make them pretty, but also a useful teaching tool! I think my favorite would be the graphing rug. My preschoolers love to graph. We could even introduce a new center in the math area: the graphing center! Thank you for the chance to enter!

  238. Traci Poellnitz says

    Hello, all of the rugs are gorgeous and anyone of them would be well appreciated; but the one that catches my eye is the caterpillar chopping his way through the apple. This rug is very nice and the children would love it, being that one of there favorite books is the Very Hungry caterpillar!

  239. Linda says

    I love the alphabet surrounded by children! It is so adorable! The students would love learning on this rug.

  240. Virginia says

    I like the graph carpet framed with pictures. We can use this to take votes and all kinds of math activities.

  241. Shari Salzman says

    Happy 10 years!
    The give away week has been fun – thanks for once again including us.
    The shape carpet would be useful and fun in many ways and thus is my favorite :-)

  242. Elizabeth Wright says

    I adore the letter rug with the cute children all around it! Not only could I use it to teach my little ones their A,B,Cs, but I could use the darling children around the edge to play an I Spy/Guess Who game.

  243. Carley Sullivan says

    I love the second rug with the shapes and letters. What fun activities can be done on this rug! While reinforcing shapes and colors, the children can also work on gross motor skills, following directions and listening skills.!!

  244. Sharon Hullar says

    I love the grid rug. SO MANY uses come to mind…SO MANY games and learning activities! Plus I love the simplicity of it (it’s not too “busy”).

  245. Susan L.Chandler says

    I really love the ABC Rainbow Rug – the one with the 30 squares . I really need a “new” rug. I’ve had my same rug since 1985!!!!! I think it’s time for a “new” one. All of the rugs are simply beautiful….

  246. Beth DeHart says

    I like the graphing carpet/stripes – it would be good for math
    and some of our walls are red – it would look great in our room.

  247. Barbara Boyd says

    I like all of the rugs but my favorite is the alphabet one. This would be so useful in teaching the alphabet and other phonics and phonemic awareness concepts. It would be a fun way to help children learn and so colorful too!

  248. Lauren Griffin says

    I LOVE the ABC color carpet! This is my dream carpet! Each kid in their own square with plenty of leg room! Compared to my little ABC oval carpet, this would be like flying first class for my students!
    Thank you again Karen for the giveaways, and congrats on 10 years of professional improvement!

  249. Ingeela says

    I love the ABC carpet! I can teach our little ones the alphabet and it would be really nice to have one since we need one.

  250. Tammy Puskas says

    I love the Alphabet rug! It is a great help for teaching children their alphabet, matching, and an easy assessment strategy!

  251. Nicole says

    I absolutely love these rugs! My favorite would have to be the one with the apple. They are all so colorful and would make a terrific addition to any classroom. Thanks!

  252. Catherine says

    Amazing carpets!! So many great carpets to choose from but I would choose the shapes one. Thanks for the great opportunity!!

  253. Danielle Clapper says

    I love all of the carpets! My favorite would have to be the one with the letter and the shapes. It is very colorful and we could play so many games with all the different shapes. Thanks!

  254. Dawn says

    My favorite carpet is the one with the child border and the scrambled alphabet. My students are learning their letters and it would be a good tool for letter identification as they are not in ABC order.

  255. Janice Armstrong says

    Thank you for this opportunity to win a carpet for a classroom. Although all of the carpets are beautiful, I like the shape carpet the best. This would help with shapes and colors, plus the bonus of the alphabet around the edge is nice. Thank you for you amazing ideas to organize a classroom. I will be using a few of your ideas next year. Thank you!

  256. Audri says

    I love the the carpet with the shapes! All of these are so cute and colorful and would make a great addition to my classroom!

  257. Sarah Ray says

    I like the colorful shapes rug in earth tones and the patchwork Abc rug. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  258. Sylvia says

    I love them all. However, I would hild ave to take the one with the squares so that each child could have their own.

  259. Stacia says

    I think the shapes carpet would work great! I could see directing kids to the outside edge, or to the shapes for story time. They could jump on the shapes during a shapes lesson. Plus, it just looks great :) And boy, could I use one!!

  260. says

    I would love to use the graph columns rug with my prekindergarten class…so many ways to use movement, math and color to help the children learn about categorizing, counting and comparing! Sure would look great in my classroom!

  261. Meredith says

    I love the one with the squares! All the children can have a square of their own and so can me and my assistant! :)

  262. Yvette Buchanan says

    I like the one with the Buzzy Bugs. My Classroom is the Busy Bees. I would enjoy using that rug in my Science Center. With all of my other bugs stuff.

  263. Patricia A. Zamora says

    I like all the carpets but I like the alphabet one the most. My students can play differnt games on it to learn the alphabet.

  264. Dolores P. Martell says

    I have a carpet in my classroom but is quite old. I would like to have the one with the squares because I can put the name on a masking tape and put it in the space for each child to see thier name each time they sit.

  265. Diane says

    “Friends Together” is adorable! I also like “Learn With Inchworm”. Your adorable designs and colorful carpets make choosing a favorite very difficult!

  266. says

    I love the rug with the alphabet around the edges and the color rainbow grid in the center. I think it would be great to use the color squares to graph different likes of the children. I think I will have a new room next year and we could use a new rug!
    Thank you.

  267. Diane Nadolski says

    I think it is great that these carpets are made in America. They are all great. The shape one is my favorite.

  268. Dawn Rogers says

    I really like the graphing carpet with the columns. We can use this the sort and classify some many different things including animals, shapes, and even beginning sounds of objects/pictures. So cool!

  269. Pennie says

    I love the simple rows of colors carpet and I could really use it this next year. Our school is having all the carpeting pulled up to replaced with tile so this would be great to win!

  270. Jill king says

    All the carpets are adorable, butI really like the shapes carpet. I checked out their website and I can honestly say they have the largest selection of kids carpets I have ever seen. All kinds of adorable carpets for so many themes. And I LOVE that they are made in the USA.

  271. Patsy says

    I could use the carpet with the caterpillar in our library corner. My students love to lay on the floor and read books.

  272. Janalee says

    I love the carpet that has the children on the border and the alphabet in the middle. What get way to begin large group time each day with our school family. The alphabet would enhance learning the alphabet as well as phonemic awareness activities throughout our day! Love it!!

  273. Diana Cox says

    I love the striped colored rug –I would love the designated squares for the children to sit in still with Pazzazz

  274. Shannon Catarineau says

    I absolutely adore the “Chairs Classroom Rug with 14 Chairs”. I think it would be great for a little classroom management, without the hassle!!

  275. Britani says

    I like the transportation ones. The children seem to love to drive their vehicles on them and they don’t make the mess that tracks do. Less clean up time too. I also like the number ones for learning to count.

  276. Jolie says

    I Love them ALL!!!

    I’d love to be able to switch them out each 9 weeks!
    But if I could only pick 1 I’d pick theABC carpet.

  277. Ann Higg. says

    I would love to see the colorful shapes rug in my classroom! It allows a special spot for each child to sit. :o)

    Ann H.

  278. Jessica says

    I love the Kritters Nursery rug because of its cute illustrations, vibrant colors, & it’s not too busy.

  279. eileen bernards says

    I like the carpet with blocks in 24 spaces. I am getting a bigger class next year and this would enable the kids to each have their own space! Love it

  280. Juanita Bautista says

    All your the rugs are very nice, but i like the outer space rug it’s an ongoing aid to teaching our children to appreciate our world and beyond.

  281. Laura says

    I really like the rectangular rug with the shapes. It has great placement for seating arrangements, plus the alphabet all the way around. What could be better?

  282. kimm says

    They are all very colorful. I love the shape carpet and carpet with squares. I have a lot of kinders who need well defined spaces!

  283. says

    May 15, 2013
    My classroom is in need of a new floor rug for the upcoming school year. In PreK-4 we do lots of floor activities and it would be a perfect addition to my colorful room. All of your rugs are very stimulating and appropriate for a preschool classroom environment. It would brighten any classroom and create a warm welcoming tone to the room.

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