Carrots for the Rabbit Play Dough Mats

I have made a new set of math play dough mats for the spring season.

Rabbit Math Play Dough Mat

These will work whether you are doing an Easter theme or a Plants/Garden theme.

Rabbit Play Dough Mat

The top of each mat says “Plant [#] carrots for the rabbit to eat.” Children will identify the numeral, and count out that amount of carrots to plant in the dirt. Children can create the carrots with bits of orange play dough to place on the mat. If you prefer to use something other than play dough, you could cut out simple carrot shapes from orange craft foam or felt.

I also made a mat that does not have a number, but simply says, “Plant some carrots for the rabbit to eat.” This mat is for toddlers who are not ready for counting yet, but need to practice fine motor skills with play dough.

Click these images (or buttons) to download the play dough mats:

Play Dough Mat Rabbit

Rabbit Play Dough Mats

Rabbit Play Dough Mat

Rabbit Toddler Mat

Rabbit Mats Toddler Mat


  1. Pamela says

    I just love this idea!!! I can’t wait for my class to try this. I really like your idea of binding the pages all together with the rings too! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Eve says

    Now this is really a great idea for play dough with a purpose. My parents who hate play dough will even love this one!

  3. Sonya says

    Hi there thanx SO MUCH for all your hard work and resources-talent and charity is a scarce combination these days.
    Sonya from South Africa

  4. Debbie Hinton says

    Thank you. What a wonderful idea! They are being used in my pre-school classroom in South Africa!

  5. Meryleen says

    I’m lovin this! What a talented gal you are . My pre-K class is sure to love this. Thanks soooo much for sharing your innovative ideas with the rest of us.

  6. Diane Massey says

    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and for your hard work. You help so many of us make teaching more fun for the children.

  7. Rhiana says

    Thankyou so much for these placemats. My daughter and her 6 mothers group friends all love them.

  8. Crystal Young says

    These mats are really great. I love your squirrel ones also. I was wondering do you have plans for making the mats into a coloring book format, so that I could color the mats myself and not use all that colored ink? Thanks for the cute ideas.

    • says

      I will consider that. The reason I make printables in color is because (I think) the majority of teachers are looking to save time, and would not want to take the time to color all of the mats. Another thing to consider is that really you are saving money, because if you purchased the same thing from an educational company, it would cost you a lot more than the ink does.

  9. Colleen says

    Thank you for these great mats. My two-and-a-half year olds had a lot of fun and did some great counting with them this morning. I can’t wait to explore the other great ideas on your site.

  10. Tracey says

    How generous of you to give teachers free access to such good resources! I am amazed at the quality of your things! I hope you know just how appreciated you are! You will be blessed I am sure!

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